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Advanced uploader


This Plugins extends the functionality provided by wordpress by enabling the following features.

  • Upload large file by chunking them up, this is use on shared hosts with http upload limit.
  • Multiple upload directories.
  • Creates thumbnails in browser instead of server. This is to avoid memory limits on shared hosts.
  • Creates thumbnails for PDF files using PDF.js.
  • Add files straight to WordPress Gallery.
  • Add files straight to BWS Gallery.
  • Select Category for files before uploading. Will read MP3 tags to guess category. Can exclude categories from list e.g. Uncategorized.

The settings for this plugin are in Media Settings page.

This plugin requires a modern browser, e.g. IE8 will not work.

This plugin uses code from the following sources
* DropzoneJS – Copyright (c) 2012, Matias Meno, More info at – This used to allow chunked uploading
* PDF.JS – Copyright 2012 Mozilla Foundation – v2.3.2 – This is to create the PDF thumbnails.
* JS MediaTags – v3.9.0 – This used for reading the mp3 tags

Capturas de pantalla

  • This screen shot is for the settings page
  • This screen shot is for the destination selection page


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload advanced-file-uploader to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activa el plugin a través del menú de ‘Plugins” en WordPress
  3. Go to Settings -> Media to configure


How do i configure this plugin

Go to Settings -> Media to configure.


3 de Septiembre de 2016
Stellar app!! I haven't tried anything but images. I had 30 desktop wallpapers to upload (1550x1200, etc.) I used the app interface, dragged them all over, and walked away. All uploaded fast, no problems or error messages. It's so easy: looks and functions like the WP media uploader interface, no need to go through tons of settings, nothing to comprehend. It will be replacing the WP uploader. Thanks for that option! This is one of the somewhat rare WP apps in that it works perfectly: and it is crazy useful, simple, free - The WordPress Perfect Plugin Trifecta. Thank you for a fantastic app! Your hard work is greatly appreciated, as is making it fully available for free.
3 de Septiembre de 2016
I was struggling to upload an especially large mp3 episode of my podcast. After working with DreamHost to get my upload limit increased on my server, I used this plugin to override WordPress' limitations and it worked like a dream. Saved my life!
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Historial de cambios


  • rewritten to integrate DropzoneJS JS MediaTags
  • updated to newer version of PDF.JS
  • removed ability to replace default uploader


  • fixed override to kb


  • added header size overide


  • defect fixes.
  • improved handling of pdf files


  • defect fix.


  • fixed upload size where chunks where to big and improved handling of this error.


  • fixed category match so match not found if no category.


  • fixed target path to make sure it always ends with a directory separator.


  • fixed commit missing new file


  • update pdf.js to version 1.0.712


  • fixed bug with no destinations causing php warning
  • add SVG support


  • added scan uploads directory function
  • improved default handling of new upload destiantion so that it assume new upload directory is in default wordpress uploads directory


  • added compatability with plugin pages


  • increased compatability with other plugins


  • improved compatability with other plugins, so that when replacing default plugin, advanced uplaoder is included


  • corrected error in minified javascript file


  • added error handling for chunk uploading
  • fixed bug to keep psot withing threshold when sending file data with post information


  • added support for replacing uploader in new library grid view
  • added ability to select destination from post/library grid view


  • fixed bug that broke uploads from Library page and showed code


  • fixed bug that meant some of the library functionality didn’t because variable as initalisation code exists on addtional pages.


  • fixed issue that meant include categories always had to be enabled
  • fixed compatibilty issue with other plugins using wp_enqueue_media


  • fixed display issue with max upload file size for wordpress 4.0, format of size had changed.


  • Made code more robost to allow to work on stricter php installations
  • moved wp_register_script to admin_enqueue_scripts instead of admin_init


  • fixed typo with missing $ in front of vairable name


  • fixed bug with different server/php setting by making sure directory separator is present between dirctory and file name


  • fixed bug with Firefox that caused a problem for some images to not upload the thumbnails


  • fixed bug to allow add to library to work for non-default directory


  • removed special character form pdf thumbnails in media libraray as it was causing errors
  • add heading above thumbnail selection


  • updated upload script to allow large uploads from editor


  • fixed javascript bugs in 3.9
  • removed replacing of plupload as use the same version.


  • fixed dependance bug by adding jquery ui dialog dependance to upload script


  • First version uploaded to wordpress library.