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WP Bing Map Pro is the right map for your wordpress website, with plenty of map settings, and pin, shapes options. (ALL FREE)
Create any shapes, with html customizable infobox (links, images included ). Also Checkout auto-complete address for WooCommerce.
This plugin comes with multiple pin location, coordinates, address, width, height, map zoom, custom pin url, HTML Class attribute, and map type.
In order to use this Plugin you need to register to bing website to get and API Key.
Newly added map views.
For support or suggestions please email me at: developer@tuskcode.com

Video tutorial on how to set up WP Bing Map Pro

A brief Markdown Example

  1. Multiple maps pers site
  2. Multiple maps with shortcode per page (can show one or more maps in a single page )
  3. Multiple Pins
  4. Custom width and height
  5. HTML Class
  6. Map Zoom
  7. Map Type selection
  8. Widget
  9. Disable/Enable Scroll on map
  10. Short Code
  11. Latitude and Longitude fields for new pins
  12. Center map on desired location
  13. Address Suggestion
  14. Title and description for new pins
  15. Multiple lines for pin description
  16. User Roles Permissions (Author, Contributor, Editor)
  17. Url pin address
  18. Uploaded pins
  19. Full Screen Map capability
  20. Advanced infobox for pins (html ready)
  21. Shapes (polyline, circle, polygon )
  22. Clustering
  23. Map Views
  24. Woocommerce Checkout Suggestion Address (Billing, Shipping forms)

Capturas de pantalla

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  • widget-page-location.png


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-bing-map-pro directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Under the admin menu page ‘API Bing Map 2018’ you can configure the plugin.
  4. In the ‘WP Bing Map Pro’ page make sure to add API key from bing maps website, a link will be displayed beside the input.
  5. After all the custom setting have been applied, grab the shortcode and place it in any of your pages body to display the map
  6. For support or suggestions please email me at: developer@tuskcode.com


What is the Map View doing

Map views are a great way to point the map to a specific location.
Eg: Simply create a map, with 10 pins, and 10 map view, each view pointing to each pin, and load maps according to pins positions.

The map is not showing

Make sure under the setting page you have a valid Bing API KEY from here, and address

Address Suggestion is not working

Address suggestion for new pins is working only if you have a valid Bing Map API Key

Why pins are not showing on the map

First you have to create a pin under the ‘Pins’ tab, and after that, edit the map, and add the pin under the ‘Pins’ tab

Can I set different sizes to my map

Yes. Width and height can be specified with the dimensions specified in the settings page
Be aware when setting the map height to 100%, as it will not be seen on the map, but is there

What is the ‘HTML Attribute Class for?

This field can be used to customise the map if you have CSS knowledge

How can I have a pin with no address

Simply find the coordinates of your location, and paste them in the fields – Latitude, and Longitude, leaving the address input empty

How can I use the plugin to have auto-complete address fields in the Woocommerce checkout page?

The plugin has integrated Bing Map Autosuggest module for addresses.
Go to Settings page of the plugin and enable autosuggest. Make sure you have a valid api key, and woocommerce active.


For support or suggestions please email me at: developer@tuskcode.com


5 de Septiembre de 2020
Great plugin, I couldn't find a similar mapping one that had multiple markers as they were all Google based. This one does the job and it's easy to set up but I had a few problems along the way. Dan was great help in resolving my issues. So Five Stars from Me.
21 de Mayo de 2020
Could only give 5 stars - but wanted to give 6 stars!! Great plugin for Maps on your own website. Even different maps on the same page or separate pages with a short cut. was looking for something that wasn't Google Maps 🙂 Works well and a PRO premium plugin for "free" #ThankYou
3 de Mayo de 2020
I think WP Bing Map Pro is the best plugin for Bing Map.. and it's totally free. Thank you dan009 for your effort..
21 de Abril de 2020
Superb plugin, easy to configure, easy to include on the pages, a really excellent alternative to Google Maps which with its API is always problematic (traffic, quotas, etc). The programmer is very good, very professional ... you write and he answers you immediately in a simple, understandable way and immediately resolves doubts or problems. I recommend it to everybody!!
31 de Enero de 2020
I have to admit, I was frustrated when Google changed the API keys and required payment to use it and broke almost every mapping plugin I used. This has been by far the best looking, easiest to use and fully feature plugin out there. I had a few issues that were my own fault, I emailed the developer and he responded back immediately with screenshots of what I did wrong how to fix it, and even inspected my code. the support was unprecedented the plugin works great even with the restrictive code issues with Avada Fusion, and I am happy I found it! Its amazing and renders well in mobile!
14 de Enero de 2020
This plugin is easy to use and some good new stuffs for next updates !
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Historial de cambios


  • Fixed bug – disabling/enabling map
  • Display more fixes for Advanced editor
  • Fix bug duplicated columns for db tables


  • Added Checkout Address Suggestion for Woocommerce using Bing Map Autosuggest module *
  • Feedback form on plugin uninstall *


  • Added new map Navigation Bar – Square
  • Added feature to Restrict Map View
  • Info Modal when Tiny MCE not loading
  • Moved Advanced map settings into Modal


  • Added new feature – Map Clustering
  • Fixed translation issues,
  • Added ‘Infobox type’ for pins grid
  • Fixed Infobox position for pins (now the arrow it will be in the center of the pin )
  • Fixed default pin for bing map
  • Added new columns in pins, and maps table


  • Fixed typo error


  • Added fix to db schema *


  • Fixed – new first Polyline
  • Added translation for Languages: French, Italian, Polish
  • Updated missing translations
  • Fixed – Loading map coordinates set to ‘world view’


  • Added Radius to Circle *
  • Added Save&New to Modal Shapes *
  • Fix modal showing up *
  • Improve Fast Loading Polygons, and Polylines *
  • Translation to Chinese, Romanian, German, Spanish *


  • Added Map Views *


  • Fix advanced infobox for pin
  • Added shape circle
  • Added shape polyline
  • Added shape polygon


  • Fixed pin custom url
  • Added Menu on the left side
  • Added Permission settings for User Roles ( Author, Contributor, Editor )
  • Custom icons url can be added from the media file


  • HTML Infobox for pins *
  • Options for Pin Infobox None/Simple/Advanced
  • Added option to show infobox on map when hover over pin
  • Added option to have fullscreen map
  • Show/Hide fullscreen icon for map
  • Fixed map attribute class
  • Fixed Pins rows append
  • Added custom icon library from https://mapicons.mapsmarker.com/
  • Custom url icons
  • Added custom sizes for advanced infobox for mobile/table/desktop
  • Added TinyMCE Advanced Editor for Advanced Infobox


  • Sync Bing Map request*


  • Major release 2.0.1 *
  • Multiple maps can be created *
  • Multiple pins can be added to any map *
  • Multiple maps per singles site or page *
  • Easier to navigate over the plugin *
  • Maps, Pins, and Settings reside on different pages *


  • Fix mixed content

11-September-2018 1.2.0

  • Fixed map center
  • Added Reset map Center
  • Added address suggestion for new pin

29-August-2018 1.1.8

  • Added Latitude, Longitude attributes to new pins
  • Center the map for desired location

10-August-2018 1.1.6

  • Added 600+ custom icons
  • Modified new icon layout

02-July-2018 1.1.1

  • Fix uninstall

02-July-2018 1.1.0

  • Added option disable/enable map scroll

02-July-2018 – 1.0.4

  • Fix https request


  • Fix – Get address coordinates only if the map is present in the page
  • Fix – Async javascript request


  • Fix – Show display default.png


  • No changes made yet