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Cognito Forms


Basic or advanced, we have all the features you need to quickly create powerful online forms.

FREE Features:

Unlimited Forms & Fields
Collect all the data you need, no matter what – make as many forms as you want, with as many fields as you want.
Let us do the math for you – build forms with powerful calculations that can total costs, compare dates and so much more.
Conditional Logic
Take each of your users on a unique path through your forms and control what they see with Conditional Logic.
Countries, Languages & Currencies
18 languages. 121 countries. 137 currencies. Awesome forms.
Email Notifications
Create custom autoresponder emails that include all the details of your customer’s purchase or entry so they can review their order at any time.
Entry Management
Sort, filter, and organize your form submissions to help you smoothly run your business or organization.
File Uploads
Capturing multiple files at once, setting file size and type limits – it all comes free with every single Cognito Forms account.
Form Confirmations
Create a personalized message to confirm a user’s submission and allow them to review their order or entry data.
Multi-Page Forms
Get more responses to your complex surveys and long forms with page breaks, progress bars and conditional pages.
Secure credit and debit card payment processing through Stripe. Or upgrade to use PayPal.
Rating Scales
Give your customers an outlet for feedback right on your forms with customizable rating scales.
Repeating Sections & Tables
Collect as much or as little data as your customers can give, without any extra work or adding a lot of clutter.
SPAM Prevention
Keep your forms easy-to-use while eliminating rogue entries with our powerful, automatic spam prevention.
Template Sharing
Made an awesome form? Share your form as a template so others can bask in your awesomeness.

Premium Features
Data Encryption
Keep your form data safe and sound.
Document Merging
Create PDF and Word docs from your entry data, completely customized the way you want.
Electronic Signatures
Collect signatures on every form and on any device.
Entry Sharing
Give your users the ability to update their entries even after they’ve already been submitted.
HIPAA Compliance
Easily create secure forms to engage with your patients and protect their data.
Save & Resume
Allow users to pick up right where they left off by saving their progress on partially completed form responses.
Saved Entry Views
After you sort and filter your entry data, save those settings to create a unique entry view.

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Capturas de pantalla

  • After activation, the Cognito Forms plugin will appear in your menu. Click on the plugin to be taken to Cognito Forms.
  • Click on the menu icon in the upper right to log in or sign up.
  • Once logged in, build a new form from a template or from scratch.
  • Build your form and click "Save".
  • In your WordPress menu, add a new Page or Post.
  • In the editor, click on the orange Cog icon for Cognito Forms.
  • Select the form name from the drop down and click "Insert Form".
  • The plugin inserts the Cognito Forms short code for you.
  • Preview or post your new form!


  1. Install and activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  2. If you have not already done so, install and activate the “Classic Editor” plugin from the WordPress store.


Is Cognito Forms cloud-hosted?

Yes, your forms and your submissions are securely stored in the cloud.

How do I create a form?

In order to create a form, you need to create a Cognito Forms account through the plugin. Once you design your form, you can embed it onto a post or a page by using the Cognito Forms icon, the orange cog, that shows up on the editor toolbar. We’ll automatically add the short code for you.


23 de Junio de 2020
Being considering switching to Cognito forms for all our [Moderated: Link redacted] Orlando SEO lead pages. Currently we use calendly, but it has decreased our conversion rate. I am a little hesitant now after reading the reviews, but will give it a shot.
20 de Mayo de 2020
Do not expect award-winning customer service from Cognito. Expect it to be slow and repetitive with no desire to help you or find a solution. Possibly the worst service ever from a SaaS product.
18 de Octubre de 2019
First, the reading challenged chook clearly never used the plugin. SMH I used Cognito Forms before looking at it as a plugin. As a non-programer, I was able to do things with them that I have not seen any other form creator do with the ease that they have at a great price. I can take CC payments from my site without using some complicated shopping cart. I never played with CSS to do more formating but have seen some examples that others have done and I will be having my developer make some changes to add some extra spice.
8 de Mayo de 2017
While I had to stop with other plugins because of the allowed maximum entries, with Cognito I could make my form exactly as desired. And so much more user friendly than the other complicated form plugins. And this with the FREE plugin. Also the support forum is good. It is strange the WordPress did not show Cognito while searching for form plugins; I found this through Google when - frustrated with other plugins - I looked for 'WordPress Form Plugin Limitless Entries'. So, I spread the word: thanks for this great tool!
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