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4 de Octubre de 2022
I hired it and for a while it was working within the limits, an error here another there but nothing to discredit and suddenly without any warning I am blocked, what is happening? my account is paid ! I have a plan and with "unlimited credits and anti plagiarism words". Every month I buy, and today I can't generate my articles. I complained about their unilateral attitude and they said that the plan I paid for was unlimited but not unlimited. ???????????? How is it that my dictionary is different from theirs? Either it's trickery or lack of professionalism, It's not me who doesn't have credits, it's you who don't have a word. assume your mistake, and don't try to deceive the customers. For now my grade is dissatisfied
29 de Julio de 2022 2 replies
Copymatic is excellent! But the plugin is not practical, and unnecessary. The plugin is just a json importer, nothing more. The plugin works, but some competitors have much more advanced WordPress plugins that are able to integrate text editor fields into post types and taxonomies and allow you to write text while editing content! This is really handy. Here's a tip on how to improve the plugin.
2 de Abril de 2022 1 reply
$2.90 per 1,000 words! (One article). Jasper is half the price ArticleForge gives you 10,000 for this money (0.29 per article)
18 de Marzo de 2022 1 reply
Glad to have the first AI content writer for wordpress since wordpress was started, I thank you for bringign this idea into reality. thanks.
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