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Cosmic Campaigns is a simple to use campaigning plugin. With a lot of integrated features, it is the best choice to engage. The plugin is designed to quick start political campaigns and personal electioneering. More than 10+ high quality function will help you starting successfully campaigns.


This module helps grow your user base. It is build like a CRM contact management and works great along with your other website forms. This module also gives your users the ability to sign up to a committee list or sign an online petition. Generally, this module takes care of your contacts. Every time a user sends an online form, your user base will grow. Based on the user’s actions, you can add and show a list of supporters directly onto your website. You can choose if the user needs to confirm the email address with the inbuilt double-opt-in feature or if the site owner has to approve every single entry. As a handy helper, you can activate the messaging module for your contacts and you will get an email with a nicely formatted excel sheet attached, that contains all of your newly gained contacts, daily or weekly. This way you can easily process your contacts with other software as needed.


Create one day events or events spread over multiple days. Publish a list of events on your website. Each event can be downloaded as an ICAL download file. This way, all your visitors can add them to their agendas so they will not forget about them. As a handy helper, this module adds a calendar widget to your wordpress dashboard. You can easily go through your planned events there. If you wish to receive a reminder message, you can enable the “messaging” feature and the system will send you a notification a day before the event starts.


The messaging module will be your best friend during your campaign. When you neglect your campaigning website, it will give you a lovely kick in the ass by sending you some friendly emails. When the website misses you, because you did not logged in or haven’t created a new article for a while, it will send you a message to remind you about your campaign. And yeah, it will also celebrate your campaign membership.


Keep up to date with how people react to your campaign or monitor your competitors. Add a google newsfeed or any other type of rss/atom feed and the system will load the feed automatically and send you some handy emails once a day or once a week. If you wish to monitor it closer, the monitoring module can also deal with talkwalker sources. As a nice addition, you can show what has been written about you to your visitors on your website, by placing a list or wall to your content area.


Hints are handy for people who are starting their first campaign but also for advanced campaigners that like to receive reminders regarding urgent tasks. The system will use a suitable dataset of hints based on your campaign type. You can choose between the options of campaign and election. A useful dashboard widget will show up all the tips on a slider. If you use the “events” module, the tips will also be showing up in the calendar widget. As a bonus, you may enable the messaging option for hints, so the system will send you a reminder as soon as the activity is due.


The to-do list module is a very basic to-do list task manager. You may create tasks and add optional due dates. For a nice overview, this module adds another handy widget to your WordPress dashboard. As a bonus, you may enable the messaging option to receive friendly reminders before each task’s due date.


  1. Download, unzip and upload to your WordPress plugins directory
  2. Activate the plugin within you WordPress Administration Backend


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Historial de cambios

  • Version 0.24
    • Remove occupy dashboard widget style
  • Version 0.23
    • Event WPML Support
  • Version 0.22
    • Custom post type supports not array
  • Version 0.21
    • Improved contact search
    • Contact map icon
  • Version 0.20
    • Flush super cache after save/confirm contacts
    • Fix contacts map shortcode
    • Fix missing dependencies
  • Version 0.19
    • Shortcode boxpadding, boxradius correction
  • Version 0.18
    • Contacts list show plugins status
  • Version 0.17
    • Widgets only admin/editor
    • Do not show php notice if wp_debug is enabled
  • Version 0.16
    • Messaging contacts correction
    • Multiple other messaging enhancements
    • Run messaging job directly from settings page
    • Enhanced email template handling
    • Option to change email receiver
  • Version 0.15
    • Minor css changes
    • Make it easy to hook into cosmic contacts by for example contact form 7
  • Version 0.14
    • Composer dependency needs composer.json to work proper
    • Events has no image full-width
  • Version 0.13
    • Small corrections
  • Version 0.12
    • Correction Monitoring description
  • Version 0.11
    • Correction if email template disabled
    • Event Taxonomy added
    • Event place added
    • Text control input correction
  • Version 0.10
    • Select contacts by category
    • Show in menu
    • Password reset link not showing
  • Version 0.9
    • Custom post types not public
  • Version 0.8
    • Shortcode Correction
  • Version 0.7
    • Torro forms checkbox style correction
    • Contact coordinates by openstreetmap
    • Shortcode to show openstreetmap
  • Version 0.6
    • Shortcode corrections to work with dynamic render
  • Version 0.5
    • German translation added
  • Version 0.5
    • Enhancement: mails autolink
    • textdomain correction
    • admin css correction
    • admin notice correction
  • Version 0.4 :
    • Enhancement: Add option to show/hide pagination
    • Fix: missing no-post.jpg
  • Version 0.3 :
    • Enhancement: Change Sender Name and E-Mail
    • Fix: disable debug mode
    • Fix: text mails nl2br and autolink
  • Version 0.2 :
    • Enhancement: dependency check updated
  • Version 0.1 :
    • Initial release