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Having a hard time engaging visitors on your WordPress blog or website? Are traditional acquisition channels costing an arm and leg?

Welcome to Feedify! A one stop solution to all your customer engagement needs. We offer you tools that make visitors stick way longer than ever. And even if they leave, the marketing string never breaks!

Engage your visitors even when they are not on your website with Feedify’s powerful Push Notifications plugin. Integrating seamlessly with WordPress, Feedify allows you to convert every visitor into a potential subscriber. What else? It comes loaded with smart analytics that help you target each user- when you want, where you want!


  • Works on all Devices

Stop fretting over what device your subscribers use. Our Push Notifications know no biases. They smoothly reach all devices- be it a PC, a Mobile , a Laptop, or a Tablet.

  • Supports most popular browsers

Our Push Notifications work on all the three giants in browsing industry- Chrome, Firefox, Safari. So with Feedify, be assured that you won’t have to compromise on reach ever again!

  • Banner Notifications

Text not enough to convey what you wanna say? No problems. Enjoy the impact of a thousand words with an image of your choice. Pack a punch with our Banner Notifications that come with an image of your choice, along with the brief message you wanna give.

  • Opt-in Customization

Opt ins are the first and the most important prompts that you send to a user. Feedify understands this and therefore gives you the option to customize your opt-in prompt the way you see fit to ensure high conversion rates.

  • Smart Profiling, Sharp Targeting

No two visitors on your site are exactly the same. Therefore, Feedify helps you target a unique message to the desired group- a move that can exceptionally improve your sales conversions.

  • Scheduled Notifications

What good is a limited hours sale notification when one is sleeping? To increase effectivity, we enable you to schedule your notification to times that generate the highest productivity.

  • Geo-Location

Holding an event in Manchester? Why bother a subscriber in St. Petersburg! Target your Push Notifications based on the location of the subscriber to give a personalized, effective touch.

  • Easy interface

Unlike others, we focus more on sophistication than complication. Our clean interface doesn’t require an IT degree. Even a kid of this techno age can flawlessly use Feedify and improve the website’s marketing funnel. We also provide ready to use templates that make the process a whole lot easier!


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  1. Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click on the Feedify LOGO from the left side menu under setting tabs, you will be asked to register with email id and password. Upon Registration your domain will be registered with Feedify


Will I be able to accommodate multiple domains?

Yes! The Feedify widget can be deployed in multiple website domains that you own. Each domain can be managed from a single admin panel. The pricing plans can also vary depending upon your requirements for each domain.

Can I use Feedify without having a technical know-how towards coding skills?

We would like to render our services to everyone and make it a hassle free and user-friendly tool. So, yes! You can use it without knowing the tech. jargons for coding! All you need is to do is assign values which you will be guided through while enabling the tool you require.

Other than Push Notifications, is there anything else that I can offer to my customers?

We have a plethora of opportunities that you can offer to your customers. They include notifications, surveys and pop ups, all that will enable you to engage with your customer base more effectively.


25 de Abril de 2017
Let me first tell you, I've looked and tested 6 different plugins, the top plugins with 200K installs, and the amount of stuff you need to do to get them to work is ridiculous. they all require registration and payment. Not this plugin, out of the box works fantastic, extremely user friendly and it does what it says with the free version. If the free version is so great i can't imagine how else they will superb this. Anyway, long story short, I wanted a custom change so i contacted their support, and instantly she gave me direction on what I could do to have my solution ready. Fantastic support, and the best plugin for surveys and pop ups that is out there. I am a web developer with UX above experience, and I can truly say, this plugin ROCKS. Thanks!
13 de Septiembre de 2016
Kudos Feedify! My sales are getting improved now.
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