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Gravity Cloud: Composable WooCommerce & Gravity Forms


This plugin lets you quickly connect your WordPress site to Gravity Cloud, enabling Composable WooCommerce plus Woo Product Time Travel with undo/redo.


Gravity Cloud for WooCommerce requires you to have the following plugins installed in WordPress:
* WooCommerce
To Unlock the full feature set of Gravity Cloud the followin plugins are required:
* Gravity Forms
* Gravity Forms Product Add-ons


Central Control
* Sync Woo Products between WP sites.
* Push large Woo Product changes as a single transaction.
* Easy undo/redo with history snapshots.
* Cloud backup for Woo products.

Composable Woo Products
* Build products in minutes
* Create variations by duplicating.
* Single source of truth updates.
* Create sophisticated sales events.
* Deploy to any WooCommerce store.

* Drag-and-drop editor
* 27+ Field Types
* Conditional Logic
* Layout Control
* Accessible and Responsive
* Reusable across products

* See pending changes
* Release changes once ready

* Safely iterate on changes
* Track pending changes
* Push changes with Undo/Redo with a single click

Time Travel for WooCommerce
* Store Time Travel – The power of activating a store-wide Black Friday sale as a single transaction, and once completed, undoing the sale with a button click.
* Product Time Travel – enabling you to time travel at the individual product level, providing fine-grain control

Deploy Targets
* Effortlessly deploy your Woo Products to any connected WordPress site
* Test a sale on Staging and, once validated, quickly deploy live to production.

Gravity Forms Features

Simplify Form Management with Gravity Cloud while streamlining your workflows, saving time, and increasing conversion.

  • Recipes enable you to assemble your Gravity Forms into new forms
  • One-click deployment of forms between Word Press sites
  • With time-travel undo/redo functionality at your fingertips, you can experiment fearlessly and manage your complex Gravity Forms like a pro.
  • Single source of truth updates with Form Components
  • Seploy them with a single click across your various web properties.

Try Gravity Cloud today and see the difference it can make in your online business!

Easy Setup

Capturas de pantalla

  • Gravity Cloud user interface for managing recipes and deploying to connected WordPress sites.
  • Full Deploy dialog (connected WordPress sites)
  • Full deploy history with undo/redo
  • Recipe deploy
  • Recipe history with undo/redo
  • Recipe editor


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Historial de cambios

0.0.13 – Improved WP Multi Site support. Added a default character prefix for Woo Components of underscore.
0.0.12 – Fix for Multi Site sync of WooCommerce Products & Gravity Forms. Fix for sandbox WooProduct components. Added default prefix for WooProduct sandbox.
0.0.11 – Fix plugin install issue for Mutli site WordPress