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Global Coupons for Woocommerce


Generate availability-restricted WooCommerce coupons and let customers to see&use coupons on My Account.





Global Coupons are customizated WooCommerce coupons which have several restriction options and regarding to those restrictions, the coupons are available for the customers. Customers can check the published Global Coupons on the My Account – Coupons part and see if a coupon is Active or Deactive. If a coupon is Active for customer, then customer can directly apply the coupon if their cart is not empty.

Global Coupon Restrictions for Woocommerce Coupons

  • First Order
  • Number of Orders
  • Amount of Orders
  • Special For You
  • Number of Reviews
  • Activate Date Interval
  • Years of Membership

—Global Coupons Section—

You can edit your existing coupons from Global Coupons section to restrict them selecting the properties:

First Order:
When this restriction is selected, the chosen coupon will be activate for only the customers that do not have any orders. Regular Input: Checking the box.

Number of Orders:
This restriction is selected with #number, the chosen coupon will be activate for only the customers that have enough #number of orders. Example: 7 Orders. If a customer has 5 orders for now, customer will see this global coupon as deactive until she/he has 7 orders. Regular Input: Positive Integer

Amount of Orders:
This restriction is selected with #amount, the chosen coupon will be activate for only the customers that have enough #amount of orders. Example: 300 USD. If a customer has several orders with total amount of 250 USD, customer will see this global coupon as deactive until she/he has 300 USD total amount. Regular Input: Positive Integer

Special For You:
You may define a global coupon that can be only seen by the customers that you want. Other customer will not see this global coupon. Regular Input:,,

Number of Reviews:
This restriction is selected with #number, the chosen coupon will be activate for only the customers that have enough #number of reviews. Example: 5 Reviews (Product or Post Comment&Rating). If a customer has 3 reviews for now, customer will see this global coupon as deactive until she/he has 5 reviews. Regular Input: Positive Integer

Activate Date Interval:
You may define a global coupon that will be activated between the X and Y dates. Example: 30.06.2035-25.12.2035, then customers will see this global coupon as deactive until the starting date. Regular Input: DD.MM.YYYY-DD.MM.YYYY

Years of Membership
This restriction is selected with #years, the chosen coupon will be activate for only the customers that have enough #years of membership. Example: 2 Years. If a customer has registered 3 years ago, customer will see this global coupon as active. Regular Input: Positive Integer

—Coupon Operations Section—

You can create Global Coupons from Coupon Operations section or remove a created one:

Create Global Coupon:
Coupon creation is similar to the standard Woocommerce coupon creation, except the Global Coupons are created with a prefix ‘GC_’ to separate them from the usual coupons.

Remove Global Coupon:
You may remove an existing Global Coupon from the list. Be careful when you decide to use the remove operation, since you may lose some order information after this operation.

You do not have to use this section to create/remove Global Coupons, you can easily create any standard Woocommerce Coupon with a prefix ‘GC_’ and use it as a Global Coupon.

—Preview Section—

This is how the global coupons will be shown in the user side.

Be aware that, the Active/Deactive part is depending on the user account – in this case your account! Also note that, if the global coupon is not defined (blank comment/condition) then users will not see that coupon in the table but admin can. You can also check this preview by visiting My Account page.

—Reports Section—

  1. Admin can check the Activation Report of Global Coupons.
  2. Admin can check the Order Report of Global Coupons.

—Settings Section—

  1. Customize/Translate user-side text fields
  2. Customize/Translate My Account Tab Names
  3. Customize Table Header Color and Text Color

To ask new properties or report bugs, kindly inform

Capturas de pantalla

  • Global Coupon Creation (admin side)
  • Global Coupon Deletion (admin side)
  • Global Coupon Restriction (admin side)
  • Global Coupon Admin Preview (admin side)
  • Global Coupon Admin Reports (admin side)
  • Global Coupon Admin Settings (admin side)
  • Global Coupons at My Account Page (user side)
  • User Applies Global Coupon to cart (user side)
  • Applied Global Coupon to cart (user side)


  1. Upload the entire ‘global-coupons-for-woocommerce’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory or upload as a zip file then extract to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Look at your admin bar to see new section: Global Coupons.
  4. Checkout detailed readme parts inside submenus and enjoy the plugin!


Does this plugin work with newest WordPress and Woocommerce version and also older versions?

Yes, the plugin is tested with WordPress 5.2.1 and Woocommerce 3.6.4 and works fine. Yet, you are welcome to inform us about any bugs so we can fix them.

Can we still use standard Woocommerce Coupons while using this plugin?

Yes, the Global Coupons have a prefix (GC_) to make a difference from standard coupons, so you can create any coupon code which is not starting with “GC_” and use it as usual.

Does this plugin support all languages?

The plugin itself does not support other languages except English, but you can edit all text fields from Settings page to show the strings in your language.

I need another restriction for my business. Can you improve your plugin for this special request?

Since your need may become a need for someone else in future, of course, we will be happy to develop your request and add a new restriction to Global Coupons. Please inform us by e-mail.


13 de Noviembre de 2019 1 respuesta
I’ve searched so long for a plugin like this – it’s awesome! Really simple design and easy installation. It’s a great tool for getting more customer reviews! Thanks to the developer
5 de Junio de 2019 4 respuestas
Plugin works as it described and we got nice feedbacks from our customers, also the helper texts for admin menu are very clear. Only one thing, when we change the Wordpress language, plugin stays in English which means you have not developed anything for translation…
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-New Restriction: “Required Years of Membership” for global coupons.
-Relevant setting fields for Years Of Membership restriction.
-Additional CSS.

-New Feature: “You Have” part for showing the current situation of users depending on the condition of the global coupon.
-Relevant setting fields for You Have part.
-New Status: “Used”.
-New translation setting fields for active, deactive and used statuses of global coupons.
-No Coupons Found message problem is fixed.
-Available Date Interval feature problem is fixed.
-Small css and bug fixes.

-Setting field for translating the “No Global Coupons Found” string text.
-My Account tabs issue about translation is solved and settings fields are added for tab names.
-Currency symbol is added to relevant global coupon conditions.

-If no Global Coupons are defined, then show a notification in Global Coupons page (admin-side), Preview page (admin-side) and My Account – Coupons page (user-side).
-Small bug fixes.

-New Feature: Settings Section for Admin Panel
-Settings for customization of text fields, background color and text color in user-side.
-Responsive table for my account page.
-Small bug fixes.

-Despite any used global coupon cannot be used again by same user, it seems like Active. This bug is fixed.

-Small bug fixes
-README and Description is more detailed now.

-Small bug fixes

-New Feature: Report Section for Admin Panel
-Activation Report of Global Coupons and Order Report of Global Coupons can be seen in the Reports.

-Description and FAQ are re-written and whole README re-designed for a better view.
-Woocommerce activation is required to install&activate the Global Coupons for Woocommerce now.

-Hello World. This is the first version of the Global Coupons for Woocommerce.
-Initialized the source code.
-So it begins…