Installing the informvisitors plugin will automatically insert the required code on your WordPress website, once you add username of your informvisitors account. To get started, you just have to install this plugin, make an account at informvisitors. We will contact you and give you your username. Just add the username in Settings page of WordPress and you are done. Once live, you can see all the details and send push from your panel at informvisitors website.

What is informvisitors?

informvisitors lets you talk to your subscribers in a succinct, easy and delightful manner, using push notifications on browser. Push Notifications are clickable messages sent directly to your subscribers’ browsers (even when they are not on your website). These work on all devices — desktops, tablets and even mobile phones — so you don’t even have to invest in building a mobile app for your business. The opt-in and click rates are amazing! Some of our early adopters have seen an opt-in rate of 40% (10X the rate at which an average email list builds, and 20X the rate at which an average Twitter list populates) and a click rate of 20%. Of course, you get to see all this data, right in your informvisitors dashboard, updated real-time.

Let us help you get amazing returns on your communications. For any questions, please get in touch with us at

How to use informvisitors for your website?
Go to Informvisitors and register a account.


Enter your informvisitors username in the Settings page of WordPress(informvisitors)

Adding to your template

header code :

footer code :

Capturas de pantalla

  • Plugin Settings page for entering informvisitors username
  • Get Code section for integration
  • Downloading service-worker.js and manifest.json to root folder of the website if not already available .
  • Inserting the import scripts and key-value pairs into service-worker and manifest.json respectively if already available.
  • Providing FCM Credentials (FCM Sender ID, FCM Server Key, FCM Vapid Key).
  • Providing Default Notification Options.
  • Providing Welcome Push Notification details to acknowledge user's subscription to notfications.


Installing Plugin:

There are two ways to install the plugin :
* Install directly from the wordpress plugins catalogue.
* Download and Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.

If you are not yet registered on informvisitors please create an account here : Informvisitors.
once successfully registered please login and go to old dashboard by clicking on Click here to go back to old panel. Then naviagte to “get code” and over there choose whether your website is secure (https://) or not (http://).

If Secure (https://), follow the steps below

  • Fill neccesary details for your notification request popup like title, icon,description and button fields.

  • In Website url, provide the origin (Ex:-

  • Select whether your website has service-worker and manifest.json files

  • If your website does not have a service-worker and manifest.json files, download the same from the dashboard and place them in the root folder.

  • If your website has a service worker,insert the provided import script for service-worker in your own service worker file and key value pairs in your manifest.json file.

Once the above steps are complete click on Generate Code. Copy Pasting of the generated script tags will be taken care of the Informvisitors plugin.

FCM Details:
Google has deprecated GCM service post April, 2019 and advised all users to migrate to Firebase Cloud Messaging(FCM). In accordance with the notification we have also upgraded from GCM to FCM. We strongly advice all our clients to create their own FCM accounts and input their credentials . For a step by step guidance on how to create or migrate from GCM to FCM please go through this link GCM to FCM Migration guide .

Please input the following data in the dashboard
* FCM Sender ID
* FCM Server key
* FCM Vapid key

Failure to input the same data will result in using shared credentials for sending notifications. We strongly recommend to provide your own FCM credentials for sending notifications.

Default Notification Options:
Please provide default Notification options that can be used incase of missing fields at the time of submitting notification request or at the time of showing notification to the user.

Welcome Push Notification :
Navigate to Auto Push Notification in the dashboard and fill the Details (Title, Description, Icon and Landing page url) for sending Welcome push notification when the user successfully subscribes to the notification.

Note :
Make sure your website has service worker and manifest.json files with updated code as mentioned above.


I can’t see any code added to my header or footer when I view my page source

Your theme needs to have the header and footer actions in place before the </head> and before the </body>

If I use this plugin, do I need to enter any other code on my website?

No, this plugin is sufficient by itself


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  • Section for providing informvisitors username
  • Updates the script tag to a unified one for both http:// and https://
  • Adds support for sending Direct push notifications to individual users
  • Adds support for sending Socket based push notifications for paid clients
  • Adds support for adding Bell and Bar to provide option for unsubscribed users
  • Adds support How to unblock notification permission for users


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