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Media Grid


When browsing your media, why limit yourself to a list with tiny thumbnails? The Media Grid plugin gives you a nice grid view of your media items.

Please be aware that this is (and has always been) a work in progress. Activating this plugin means you’ll lose a lot of functionality, like easily editing and managing your media library. We hope to improve things rapidly.

This is a WordPress Core “features as plugins” project:

Active development happens over at GitHub:


Install this plugin just like any normal WordPress plugin, by dropping the folder into your wp-content/plugins/ folder. Once you activate the plugin, head to your site’s Media Library and click on the “grid” link.


Installation Instructions

Install this plugin just like any normal WordPress plugin, by dropping the folder into your wp-content/plugins/ folder. Once you activate the plugin, head to your site’s Media Library and click on the “grid” link.


29 de Diciembre de 2022
I purchased this plugin a few years ago on Envato. Just left them a negative review, which they lobbied Envato to remove. On Envato, the rule is - if you don't pay for support or haven't purchased within 12 months -> you can't leave a review. This plugin was great a few years ago. Suddenly though they decided to invade your wordpress install with completely absurd verification software known as LCweb. This adds extra steps and controls that benefit them. Through this software they've also taken the ability to update the plugin with 1 click. Now you may only use the 1 click update feature if you KEEP paying for support. Nowadays the plugin itself is utter garbage. Most of the largest WP themes (Divi, Avada, the7, all include better ways to display images. Mediagrid is outdated, invasive to your wordpress install, and in short useless. They shifted focus to data collection and revenue generation rather than quality and customer service. Their move to spinelessly have my review pulled from Envato's marketplace speaks to how small their long term thinking was. I was a fan and a user, now I'm just someone that will rejoice when I don't see this plugin listed anymore. Steer clear. Bad stuff, bad people too.
3 de Septiembre de 2016
I ended up using this for an apartments website with a huge number of floorplans, and it worked great! Very nice interface that displays beautifully on mobile. A few tiny improvements that could make this plugin perfect: Improve the way categories work within paginated grids -- currently, switching a category while in on a 2nd or later page doesn't work well Allow all items within a category to be added to a grid at once Output image titles -- we can input them but they don't output on the page, for either the thumbnail or the lightboxed version Make choosing images for Images Slider a little easier -- show filename or something? Probably not an issue for most people but I was uploading a bajillion very similar floorplans. Thanks again for the great plugin! Definitely solved my issues.
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Historial de cambios


Move over to extending the WordPress media Backbone Javascript.


Removing the selected sidebar (for now) in favor of simplicity. Getting rid of the new school flexbox layout in favor of the old school (and more reliable) inline-block layout. Bigger images and more room for details in the detail modal.


Adds some basic item information for the single item modal.


Fixed the missing grid button. Removed the bg blur for the modal, it was too resource intensive. Better scrolling and flexbox in the comparison modal. Icon added for the edit link.


Starting development with a concept UI. Some things don’t actually work. Experimental tagging of media items is commented out. Delete doesnt actually delete. Search is limited to the items viewable on the page.