Notification Plus – Social Proof, Fomo, WooCommerce Recent Sales Notifications & Popups for WordPress


Notification Plus is a fully loaded toolkit with marketing tools and pop-ups to create FOMO, Social Proof, WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads Recent Sales notifications to Engage and keep your website visitors.

By displaying different type of notification such as: Score & Emoji Feedback, Random Review, Cookie Notification, WooCommerce Recent Sales & Upsells, Email & Request Collector, Latest Conversions, Countdown Timer,Social Shares, Coupon, Video Popup and Many More Notification & Popup.

Let your visitors know about your product recent sales, special offers, deals, announcement, etc. with a call to action. Notification Plus brings the best notification popup solution for WordPress.You could turn on the end, start time, you will get detail statistics how your notification popups are working as well.

Engage and Convert Your Users By Displaying 14+ Types Of Notifications of This Plugin.
Social-Proofs help to increase your sales & FOMOs are help to increase conversion rate.


  • ✔️Custom Notification – ( You can create & display custom notifications )

  • ✔️WooCommerce Recent Sales Notification – ( Display The Latest WooCommerce Sales. )

  • ✔️Easy Digital Downloads Recent Sales Notification – ( Display The Latest Easy Digital Downloads Sales. )

  • ✔️Live Editing Preview – ( You can see the preview of the notification how looks like during editing the notification. It saves a lots of time and very user friendly. )

  • ✔️Sound Supports – ( Play sound when the notification is displayed. )

  • ✔️Show Popup on Exit-Intent, Time Delay and Scroll Percentage – ( Different options for displaying notification before user leave the page, after a specific time delay and after a scroll the window )

  • ✔️Statistics & Conversations Tracker – ( Get great statistics & setup automated conversations tracker )

  • ✔️Shortcode Supports – ( Notification Plus allows its users to display their notifications anywhere they want by using Shortcode. You can now display your popup notification in your WordPress posts, pages, or wherever you wish. There is no binding anymore! )

  • ✔️Informational Social Proof Notification Popup – ( Customize everything and create your own informational )

  • ✔️Live Counter Social Proof Notification Popup – ( Easiest live counter you will ever setup. It just works )

  • ✔️Email Collector Notification Popup – ( Collecting emails easily and generating leads )

  • ✔️Cookie Notification Popup – ( We all need this one even if we don’t want it. )

  • ✔️Score Feedback Notification Popup – ( Learn more about your visitors thoughts )

  • ✔️Youtube Video – ( Show your users a demo, presentation or anything else. )

  • ✔️Random Review Social Proof Notification Popup – ( Add actual reviews and display them for a social boost. )

  • ✔️Social Share Notification Popup – ( Social sharing with just a simple click. )

  • ✔️Emoji Feedback Notification Popup – ( Track and see how your users feel. )

  • ✔️Custom Campaign Branding – ( Users are able to set their own branding of the notifications that they create. )

  • ✔️Highly Customizable Notifications – ( Users can set their own settings of the notifications they create and control everything through the settings. )

  • ✔️Notifications Statistics – ( Users will have a dedicated page for statistics for each of their notifications to see how they are doing. )

  • ✔️Notifications Conversions – ( Users can see and track the conversions generated by specific notifications. )

  • ✔️Activity Social Proof Popup – ( Show live visitor count, order count and product views with attractive popup notifications. )

  • ✔️Countdown Popup – ( Create a strong sense of urgency and hurry visitors to make purchases quickly by showing a countdown timer. )

  • ✔️Promo Sticky Popup Notification Bar (PRO) – ( Let visitors know how many days, hours and minutes are left until the end of promotions )


Notification Plus helps you to grab the attention of your website visitors and gain their trust instantly by showing real-time sales and engagement notifications.
It creates urgency among your visitors in order to purchase your products right now. No one wants to be left out, after all.


You should at least have PHP version – 5.6 for the smooth operation of this state-of-the-art plugin.
We tested this plugin thoroughly to make sure it operates seamlessly under every situation.
We did not detect any problem or conflict during our test.
Still, we are open to issues as we understand that WordPress is a vast ecosystem and anything can happen.


This may have bugs and lack of features. If you want to contribute to this project, you are more than welcome. Please open an issue on GITHUB Repository

Capturas de pantalla

  • Informational Notification
  • Email Collector Popup
  • Conversions Counter Notification
  • Cookie Notification
  • Emoji Feedback Notification
  • Latest Conversions
  • Live Counter Notification
  • Random Review
  • Score Feedback
  • Youtube Video
  • Social Share


How Can I Display WooCommerce Recent Sales Notifications?

First, Create a new notification and select Latest Conversion from the Type Tab, Then WooCommerce from the source tab and then fill out the next steps. You will see that Notification Plus in action.

Is coding skill needed to use Notification+?

Not at all! Notification Plus has simple and super user-friendly setup wizard to help you configure the notification without any need of code intervention.

Can I use Notification Plus on non eCommerce websites?

Yes, Notification+ can be used to display promotional announcements, email subscription form, countdown timer, review feedback and more which can be use on any website.

Is our website’s data legally safe with Notification+?

Yes. Your data is legally safe and we guarantee to not make use of your data under any circumstances. And your data stays at your site, so zero risk, its not like other SaaS based solution.


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1 (June), 2020

  • Freemius Integrated
  • Add Latest Conversion Notification Type
  • Custom Notification Added
  • WooCommerce Recent Sales Integrated
  • Easy Digital Downloads Recent Sales Integrated

16 May, 2020

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