Este plugin se ha cerrado a partir de 27 de Julio de 2023 y no está disponible para su descarga. Motivo: Problema de Seguridad.


10 de Agosto de 2022
Great plugin! Well helped to get rid of spammers, comments and registrations
5 de Diciembre de 2019
Works fine. No issues. Works out of the box, really easy to use with Contact Form 7. The actual form just syncs and has a “put in a Securimage” option, very well designed. This addon is a fantastic alternative for those wanting to use an item of this type which is allowed Internationally. As the most common captcha sources are banned in China, as they are run by google and the API is blocked there. So upon using them your site won’t be able to be used properly in China which is a huge market. As I am marketing my products worldwide from Europe, I appreciate having access to worldwide buyers. This addon is universal and I appreciate that it was so easy to use and that it functions perfectly well. Thanks for making it :). Edit: Probably should add, “yes, it stops the bots” < that’s what I meant by works fine.
24 de Agosto de 2017
Works great so far, thank you!
13 de Enero de 2017
Drew is quick to patch as needed, plugin works well.
3 de Septiembre de 2016
Drew is incredible. I asked him about formidable forms compatibility as this captcha has an incredible visual wow factor and within a couple of days he created a new version with a solution at a time/holiday when everyone else is taking off work.
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