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Super Stage WP


Perform instant staging of your WordPress Site.


Minimum Requirements

  • PHP version 5.3.1 or greater (recommended: PHP 7.2.5 or greater)
  • MySQL version 5.0.15 or greater (recommended: MySQL 5.5 or greater)


Installing Super Stage WP is simple and easy. Install it like any other WordPress plugin.

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard, under Plugins click Add New
  2. In the plugin repository search for ‘Super Stage WP’ or upload the plugin zip file and install it


23 de Abril de 2024
After working with another staging plugin I was surprised to find a free one which was extremly easy to use, very very fast with copying all the files and to see that the stanging site was actually working! And for the option to push your stanging site back to your production site you would have to pay with all other plugins. First I was very happy with WP Super Stage. After completing my development work and pushed back to live site I noticed some issues. I have many tables made with WP datatables and tablepress inside my posts. And those contain a lot of images, buttons and links – and they still had the URL of the staging site stored – thus none of the images were displayed and none of the links or buttons worked on my live-site. I had to correct all those image- and link-URLs by hand. After deactivating WP Super Stage I also had to remove all the staging files, folders and database tables from my site manually. Be warned! If you don’t have any URLs stored inside other objects (e.g. tables) and if you have no problem with removing all the staging traces after deactivating the plugin, then you might be happy with this plugin. Otherwise stay away!
6 de Marzo de 2023
I tested this plugin for about 15 minutes, taking things back and forth between a “live” (Xampp localserver) site, and staging, and all seems to work. So far I was using a Staging plugin from a competitor of yours, that have a premium version for the things this plugin does for free. In just 15 minutes I’m switching to this, as it’s footprint is small, and there are no naggings, no begging, instead it just works! You should mention something like this in the description, as I almost passed on even testing it, as I was expecting all the beforementioned garbage (nagging, begging, etc…) Excellent job, thanks a million, Nick.
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Historial de cambios


Release Date – 08 Jun 2023

  • Fix : Staging did not work with sites having the “wp-config.php” file outside the WP root directory in Gridpane and other hosting providers.
  • Fix : Relative URLs on the staging site was redirected to the live site.


Release Date – 15 Feb 2023

Improvement: First Release.