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TGN Embed everything


(Copy all this into a new WordPress post to see it in action!)


[iframe 604 500]

  • Insert any website into yours!



  • Just paste the raw YouTube URL on its own line to see the video! (Remove the first “http://” so “http://www.yout…” is on its own line – had to do this otherwise shows the video!)

  • Use the shortcode for setting width, height and autoplay:

  • Supports all YouTube options at

PDF (without Flash!)

[pdf 604 700]

PowerPoint (without Flash!)

[powerpoint 604 700]

Google spreadsheet

[spreadsheet 0AtFXq8XyejTEdGNEZm1NZUJ3V3QwXzIwZnQ1ckh0MlE 604 300]

  • Show any sheet: [spreadsheet 0AtFXq8XyejTEdGNEZm1NZUJ3V3QwXzIwZnQ1ckh0MlE 604 300 sheet=2]
  • NOTE: You must “Publish” the spreadsheet in Google Docs by clicking “Share > Publish as a web page” to see it in WordPress!

Google document

[document 1t0C9HghMO4ttIKbUYxVC2sn5nXi9hXldVS1okjWzTP4 604 300]


  • Remove the space between “http://” and “” (Purposely added to prevent rendering the video on!)


[metacafe ]


[dailymotion ]


[videoreadr Uz7fOLDr2JM nmrdsxtb 604 370]


[tiff 604 840]


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To install this extension

  1. Put tgn-embed-everything.php into /wp-content/plugins/

    1. Activate the plugin

    2. Start using the shortcodes in your posts


What is TGN?

TGN is THEGAMENET, creating communities 10,000 users at a time! (and 1 million YouTube views a week!) See

What is YouTube?

YouTube lets you broadcast yourself.

It is the world’s best and free video hosting service. Upload your videos and share them with your friends or the world!

What is VideoReadr?

VideoReadr enhances YouTube videos with bookmarkes, transcripts and a full scripting language



14 de Diciembre de 2020
DECEMBER 2020 REVIEW I had to update all of the http to https in the tgn-embed-everything.php file to get it to stop creating a Mixed Content error. After I updated the file, the error is gone. Bumped down to 3 stars because how hard is it to fix this? C'mon now... 🙁 NOVERMBER 2017 REVIEW: iFrame, YouTube, PDF, Google document & Vimeo still work! 4 stars because I only need iFrame and PDF. PowerPoint, Google spreadsheet & TIFF I was didn't test, so they may or may not work. The VideoReadr option still appears, but it doesn't work because VideoReadr doesn't support flash files anymore. Metacafe & Dailymotion flat out don't work, or at least they didn't for me.
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Historial de cambios


  • Fixed YouTube embed code to be valid XHTML using (thanks Petr Cibulka!)


  • Plain YouTube URLs now must be on their own line (so you can describe the URL without it changing into the video!)


  • Added support for plain YouTube URLs like and the same wrapped in <a href=”> (no need for shortcode!)


  • YouTube videos now don’t show other people’s videos at the end. To show other videos, add “rel=1” to the shortcode. For example:


  • Added support for more video sites: Vimeo, Metacafe and Dailymotion! (See the Description for examples showing how to use them)


  • Raised max spreadsheet rows from 100 to 10,000!


  • Added support to show a different sheet in Google Spreadsheets (just add to the end “sheet=2” to show second sheet)


  • PDFs now display in IE (thanks Michael Klusek for pointing out the fix in


  • Updated the YouTube player to the latest version 3 (now, embedded videos play exactly like on, including videoreadrs!)
  • Added jQuery check that dynamically loads jQuery if it is not detected by the end of <head>


  • Added the [document] shortcode for Google documents and updated the Description with an example


  • Updated VideoReadr to comply with HTML5 requirements, prefixing all custom attribute names with “data-“


  • Added support for [iframe] shortcode to display any webpage in your post
  • YouTube videos can now be hidden by pull-down menus and other HTML (added wmode=opaque to the object and embed elements)
  • Updated VideoReadr to support decoupling YouTube from VideoReadr, but must now add YouTube ID to shortcode, like [videoreadr Uz7fOLDr2JM nmrdsxtb]


  • Added all public YouTube API parameters at


  • Discovered a bug where the auto-linkify feature broke the WordPress image [caption] feature – disabled auto-linkify to fix this


  • Added YouTube autoplay option! Just add “autoplay=1” to the shortcode, like


  • Added PowerPoint example to Description
  • Changed default YouTube video to “First look at LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) free-to-play” – to see it, type in any WordPress post


  • Re-enabled linkify, now correctly ignores shortcodes like [show]
  • Added more shortcode intelligence to support common paste issues like [show]


  • Disabled linkify until we find a solution that avoids linkifying [show]


  • Automatically linkify URL and email addresses in plain text (can be clicked)
  • Changed YouTube embed to use the new YouTube iframe code (uses HTML5 player if your browser supports it) –


  • Improved documentation


  • Added scrollbars for spreadsheets that do not fit in the viewing area


  • Removed border around PDFs in IE


  • Added support for TIFF images


  • Increased default height of spreadsheets to the same as PDFs


  • Added new [spreadsheet] shortcode to show published Google spreadsheets
  • http:// is now optional, eg: [show]


  • Updated code comments


  • Updated description to be more clear


  • Replaced [view] with the more descriptive [show]
  • Added VideoReadr Javascript fix to define $ if it wasn’t already set to jQuery


  • Updated tags in readme.txt to include all supported file types


  • Updated readme.txt to include all supported file types in the description


  • To avoid naming conflicts, prefixed all functions and globals with tgn_ee_ (TGN Embed everything)


  • Initial release