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Instead of reloading the full page every time a user navigates your site, enable Turbolinks! Turbolinks will reload only the necessary parts of the site and even pull in additional JavaScipt and CSS.

The concept of Turbolinks has been around for a very long time, but it has never been so easy to implement as it is today! Just install the plugin – and that’s it – you\’re done!

Because this plugin is going to prevent full page reloads, you may experience some compatibility issues with other themes or plugins. After installing the plugin, I highly recommend that you test your site thoroughly and make sure if everything works.

If something is broken – you’ll probably have to fix it on your own, most probably with JavaScript. Have a look at the Turbolinks project documentation for more info:


The absolutely first release.


Just install and activate the plugin. I wish making breakfast was this easy.


Installation Instructions

Just install and activate the plugin. I wish making breakfast was this easy.


24 de Agosto de 2018
For most sites that are just blogs with a contact form, this should work great with zero conflict.
7 de Octubre de 2017
Why aren't more people using this?! Just found out about pjax loading, and this plugin handles it amazingly, I have optimized my setup alot, but am amazed by the results of pjax/turbolinks! I am wondering about SEO? Is this in any way influenced by pjax loading?
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