WooSwipe WooCommerce Gallery


A WooCommerce gallery plugin built using PhotoSwipe from Dmitry Semenov. photoswipe and slick carousel.

WooSwipe should work out of the box with your WooCommerce gallery settings. Simply adjust your image sizes in Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Product Images. You may need to rebuild your thumbnails when changing image sizes. (Note: If your theme declares theme image sizes then you may not be able to change them.)

  • Responsive
  • Very Mobile Friendly
  • Keyboard control
  • Full image size
  • 2 colour options
  • Pinit to Pinterest option

Planned Features:
* Show titles or captions


add_filter( ‘wooswipe_zoomed_image_size’, ‘max_image_size’, 10, 1 );
function max_image_size( $size ) {
$size = “large”;
return $size;

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More Info here

Capturas de pantalla

  • Screenshot Default gallery layout
  • Screenshot Popup layout


  1. Upload /wooswipe/ to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activa el plugin a través del menú de ‘Plugins” en WordPress
  3. Checkout your new gallery!


21 de Abril de 2020
More setting are needed. e.g to change arrows colour Thank you crandellws I updated wooswipe.js and worked When I load the product image and press zoom then white background is not visible and zoomed imaged and in front off the text. When I scroll down a bit then the white background is visible and it is working
9 de Abril de 2020
I did not like that the images just switched without transition so I added some javscript to make that happen. on lines 105 to 113 added: .stop(true,true).hide().fadeIn(); so it should look like this mainImage .attr("data-ind", ind) .attr("src", med) .attr("srcset", med) .attr("width", width) .attr("height", height) .attr("data-hq", hq) .attr("data-w", hqw) .attr("data-h", hqh) .stop(true,true).hide().fadeIn();
6 de Abril de 2020
Супер удобный, простой и всё самое необходимое есть - пролистывание, карусель, увеличение кликом в любом месте - просто восторг! Спасибо Огромное!
5 de Octubre de 2019
Installed... activated... BAM! Instantly fixed our product gallery thumbnails! No configuration, no settings, no "buy premium to get this feature"... nothing! Just BAM => FIXED!!! And we have 30+ plugins installed (including another carousel)!!! If you find your woo gallery thumbnails uneven sizes and looking messy, use this plugin! Can't recommend it highly enough! 6 stars from us 🙂
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