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Plumbing Contractor

Por wpelemento

Commercial Theme

This theme is free but offers additional paid commercial upgrades or support.

Versión: 0.2.2

Última actualización: 24 de Noviembre de 2023

Instalaciones Activas: 100+

Versión de WordPress: 5.0 o superior

Versión PHP: 5.6 o superior

Página del Tema

Plumbing Contractor is a theme packed with endless possibilities for features and animation. This theme is ideal for businesses such as cleaning construction, industrial, handyman, corporate industry marketing, painting plumber, plumbing remodeling, repair, painting, and roofing-related websites. The theme is perfect for home improvement, and maintenance services are wonderful with other companies. The theme was created with the real demands of businesses that offer repairs and home improvement services and their customers. This is a modern and contemporary theme that comes with six demos and a variety of attractive internal pages. With the click of a demo content importer, you'll be able to create a fully-featured website. Then, you can begin personalizing your WordPress website by using the theme options control panel and changing the demo content to your personal. The theme is not just a great choice for The Modern and elegant design but also offers amazing features like Pricing, Service, Project Testimonials and Single Project Single Service, and About and contact with a variety of features that we've attempted to implement in addition to letting you showcase blog posts or the latest news. We've tried to use the latest tools, such as Elementor Onclick Demo Importer Codestar Option Framework, Contact Form 7, and more. To create this Theme. Every single section is distinctively imaginative. It looks fantastic on both desktops and mobile devices. It's clean and simple.


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