Add incredible versatility to your editor without bloating it with tons of one-dimensional Gutenberg blocks. With GenerateBlocks, you can learn a handful of blocks deeply and use them to build anything.

GenerateBlocks works hand-in-hand with GeneratePress, but is built to work with any theme.

Looking for more features? Check out GenerateBlocks Pro.


Organize your content into rows and sections. The Container block is the foundation of your content, allowing you to design unique sections for your content.


Create advanced layouts with flexible grids. The Grid block gives you the ability to create any kind of layout you can imagine.


Craft text-rich content with advanced typography. Everything from headings to paragraphs – take full control of your text.


Drive conversions with beautiful buttons.

Query Loop

Build a list of posts from any post type using advanced query parameters.


Add static or dynamic images to your content to make a visual statement.


We take performance seriously. Minimal CSS is generated only for the blocks you need, and our HTML structure is as simple as possible while allowing for maximum flexibility.

Coding standards

Built to the highest coding standards for security, stability and future compatibility.

Fully responsive

Every block comes with tablet and mobile controls, giving you total control of your responsive design.


Check out our documentation for more information on the individual blocks and how to use them.


There’s two ways to install GenerateBlocks.

  1. Go to “Plugins > Add New” in your Dashboard and search for: GenerateBlocks
  2. Download the .zip from, and upload the folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory via FTP.

In most cases, #1 will work fine and is way easier.


How do I add your blocks to my page?

  • Create a new page or post
  • Add a new block, and look for the “GenerateBlocks” category
  • Choose your block and start building.
  • It’s always best to start with a Container block.

What theme should I use?

GenerateBlocks was built to work hand-in-hand with GeneratePress. However, it will work with any theme you choose.


12 de Diciembre de 2023 3 replies
Impossible to use a full width container if you're using with fse theme. Nice...
15 de Septiembre de 2023 1 reply
Love this and have been using it for years. I use it together with the theme Generatepress, a great and perfect combination/extension. The blocks were a little more beginner-friendly to use before the latest re-build. But when I learn the new flex-controls I understand this is better, leaner, faster and more flexible. The people behind this, developers and support staff are amazing!
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Colaboradores & Desarrolladores

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Historial de cambios


  • Security: Add user capability check to Query Loop post status


  • Fix: Border colors not showing when old attributes are set.
  • Tweak: Add support for the newly created core function “wp_img_tag_add_loading_optimization_attrs”


  • Fix: Icon padding controls order
  • Fix: Global styles overwriting local attributes
  • Fix: Editor controls spacing using RTL languages


  • Feature: Add flexbox alignment matrix component to Container toolbar
  • Feature: Add new Borders panel with width/style/color options for all four sides
  • Feature: Add new dimensions components in Spacing panel
  • Feature: Mix and match padding/margin units across sides and devices
  • Feature: Add more available units to all options that accept them
  • Feature: Allow text values (calc(), var(), etc…) in options that accept them
  • Feature: New “Add to Container” icon added to the toolbar of all blocks
  • Feature: Allow removal of Container block around innerBlocks
  • Feature: Display text field to allow user to replace image URL
  • Feature: Headline block show text in List View
  • Feature: Button block show text in List View
  • Feature: Image block show alt/title in List View
  • Feature: Add Block Label option to label Container, Query Loop, and Grid blocks in List View
  • Feature: Only show one dimension field if synced
  • Feature: Add option to disable Google fonts
  • Feature: Allow all unit types in UnitControl
  • Feature: Add help icon to unit list
  • Fix: Attributes merging incorrect values when multiple blocks are selected
  • Fix: Color and Background panels are visible/accessible on responsive views
  • Fix: Template lock system not applying to inner blocks
  • Fix: Button with dynamic content not displaying the aria-label
  • Fix: unique id not regenareted correctly on widgets editor
  • Fix: React createRoot warning
  • Fix: Double-click when selecting Grid template
  • Fix: Query loop parameter delete button size
  • Fix: Advanced select jumping when near the bottom of the page
  • Fix: Triple captions using static image with dynamic link
  • Fix: Flex icons based on direction in device previews
  • Fix: Container appender icon spacing
  • Fix: useDeviceType state was one state behind when triggered from core buttons
  • Fix: Use unit in UnitControl if value starts with decimal
  • Fix: Remove trailing spaces from UnitControl numeric value
  • Tweak: Require at least PHP 7.2
  • Tweak: Move block alignment to Layout panel
  • Tweak: Remove help text from Grid vertical alignment
  • Tweak: Remove the Button Container variation
  • Tweak: Clean up UnitControl display across all browsers
  • Tweak: Show all Google fonts in font family dropdown
  • Tweak: Remove top/bottom margin from Query Loop in the editor
  • Tweak: Force lowercase units in UnitControl
  • Tweak: Improve UnitControl unit visibility
  • Tweak: Show units in 2 rows
  • Tweak: Use same unit list for all UnitControl controls
  • Dev: Rebuild how block migrations run
  • Dev: Migrate spacing attributes to new spacing object attribute
  • Dev: Migrate typography attributes to new typography object attribute
  • Dev: Migrate icon padding and size attributes to new iconStyles object attribute


  • Fix: REST API warnings
  • Fix: Old block deprecations


  • Fix: Non-registered onboarding keys were breaking root container
  • Fix: Block styling in block theme templates


  • Tweak: Add link to documentation under legacy layout toggle
  • Fix: Container width migration for old blockVersion: 1 blocks
  • Fix: Container padding migration for old blockVersion: 1 blocks
  • Fix: Missing block styling with some third-party plugins


  • Feature: Add flexbox controls to all blocks
  • Feature: Add sizing controls to all blocks
  • Feature: Add global max-width option to sizing
  • Feature: Add position option to all blocks
  • Feature: Add overflow options to Container block
  • Feature: Add flex child controls to Headline and Button blocks
  • Feature: Add Button Container variant using Container block
  • Feature: Deprecate existing Button Container block
  • Feature: Remove inner container div from newly added Container blocks
  • Feature: Add manual migration for existing Container blocks with inner container
  • Feature: Add insert inner Container button
  • Feature: Allow adding singular Button blocks
  • Feature: Allow grouping of singular Buttons inside a Container
  • Feature: Add z-index options to tablet and mobile
  • Feature: Add order option to desktop
  • Feature: Add text alignment to Button block
  • Feature: Add generateblocks_dynamic_source_id filter
  • Feature: Add generateblocks.editor.addButtonCurrentColors filter
  • Feature: Add generateblocks_block_css_selector filter
  • Feature: Add button type option
  • Feature: Accept ID-only searches in dynamic content post selects
  • Feature: Add template selector system
  • Feature: Add generateblocks.editor.renderBlock hook
  • Feature: Add onboard system
  • Feature: Add generateblocks.editor.settingsPanel filter
  • Feature: Use row-gap for Grid vertical gap option
  • Feature: Add generateblocks_block_one_time_css_data hook
  • Feature: Add generateblocks_before_container_open hook
  • Feature: Add generateblocks_after_container_close hook
  • Feature: Allow “auto” as value in margin controls
  • Feature: Add generateblocks_use_visited_selector filter
  • Feature: Add generateblocks_query_loop_editor_posts_cap filter
  • Tweak: Improve typography font family select
  • Tweak: Improve Container block appender
  • Tweak: Migrate flexBasis to use one value with unit
  • Tweak: Move z-index to Layout panel
  • Tweak: Add Flex Child panel to Layout panel
  • Tweak: Improve Typography section layout
  • Tweak: Move Container alignment to typography section
  • Tweak: Change panel icon color
  • Tweak: Update block icons
  • Tweak: Move device buttons above block name
  • Tweak: Remove transition from Button block
  • Tweak: Remove block description from inspector controls
  • Tweak: Improve advanced select results
  • Tweak: Use new editor_script/style_handles
  • Tweak: Re-order panels
  • Tweak: Move Headline tag name control to Advanced
  • Tweak: Ignore button hover colors on current buttons
  • Tweak: Remove :visited pseudo selector from CSS
  • Tweak: Remove tag name from CSS selectors
  • Tweak: Load CSS later to prevent specificity issues
  • Tweak: Allow “0” as HTML attribute value
  • Tweak: Replace gb-button__current class with gb-block-is-current
  • Tweak: Add pointer-events: none to pseudo backgrounds
  • Fix: Responsive placeholder not showing 0 value
  • Fix: Excerpt spelling mistake
  • Fix: Image placeholder position
  • Fix: Missing source ID in excerpt
  • Fix: Pagination buttons missing generateblocks_query_loop_args filter
  • Fix: Dynamic Button tag name with no link
  • Fix: Prevent faded background image in editor
  • Fix: Pass $block to generateblocks_parse_attr function
  • Fix: WP Filesystem error missing credentials


  • Feature: Add support for FSE styling
  • Feature: Improve dynamic select components performance
  • Feature: Add necessary filters and actions for ACF integration in GB Pro
  • Fix: Missing styling when blocks added outside content
  • Fix: Missing styling for blocks within loop content
  • Fix: Removing icons without text does not display text back again
  • Fix: “Sticky posts only” not displaying correctly in the frontend
  • Fix: Pass dynamic container link to settings variable
  • Fix: Color picker behavior when manually changing value
  • Fix: Missing legacy alpha color slider in gradient component if set to 0
  • Fix: Remove gb-*-text class from dynamic blocks with icons
  • Fix: Dynamic content conflict with icons and custom classes
  • Fix: Missing legacy alpha color slider in gradient component
  • Tweak: Enqueue inline embedding stylesheet using wp_enqueue_scripts
  • Tweak: Remove block-editor-block-list__block class from root wrapper
  • Tweak: Headline transform to core Heading keep the level


  • Fix: Non hierarchical taxonomies with broken REST API calls


  • Feature: Added necessary filters for related posts
  • Feature: Add option to include/exclude term children in query
  • Fix: Dynamic image placeholder border radius
  • Fix: Duplicated block options in Query Loop when selecting links
  • Fix: Inherit query option in Query Loop
  • Fix: Keep the order in which query loop parameters are added
  • Tweak: Move Post Template list view label to Container


  • Feature: Add option to exclude or ignore sticky posts
  • Fix: Container gridId attribute not updating correctly
  • Fix: Broken dynamic author image block when avatars are disabled
  • Fix: Properly reset postdata after queries
  • Tweak: Set hasUrl attribute when adding URL to button


  • Fix: Require WordPress version 5.9 or higher


  • New: Dynamic data
  • New: Query Loop block
  • New: Image block
  • New: Add inline background image option
  • New: Add default container width option
  • New: Number component
  • New: Block icons in the editor
  • Fix: Button link redirecting outside editor
  • Fix: Nested block post excerpts
  • Fix: Button block causing window confirm on refresh
  • Fix: Shape panel spacing issues
  • Fix: Headline link hover color in editor
  • Fix: Outer container width in editor
  • Fix: Error in FSE when adding a Container to the front page
  • Fix: Color picker autocomplete when typing in color
  • Fix: Inherit box-sizing on gb-inside-container in editor
  • Tweak: Full code refactor in the editor
  • Tweak: Move button URL options to toolbar
  • Tweak: Switch all blocks to apiVersion 2
  • Tweak: Require WordPress 5.6
  • Tweak: Rebuild color component
  • Tweak: Rebuild dimensions component
  • Tweak: Rebuild typography component
  • Tweak: Add memory to open editor panels
  • Tweak: Make device buttons sticky
  • Tweak: Improve container width label
  • Tweak: Use compiled assets in script registration
  • Tweak: Improve button CSS selectors in the editor
  • Tweak: Allow more decimal places in background image opacity


  • Fix: Grid layout selector in WP 6.0


  • Fix: Error when opening Headline color pickers in WP 6.0
  • Fix: Button URL field not selectable in WP 6.0


  • Fix: Missing responsive editor styles in Firefox


  • Fix: Color picker UI in WP 5.9
  • Fix: PHP notice when first saving Dashboard settings
  • Tweak: Make Container appender relative positioned in WP 5.9


  • New: Add flex (flex-grow, flex-shrink, flex-basis) options to grid item containers
  • New: Add “auto” width option to grid item containers on tablet and mobile
  • New: Allow CSS variables in color picker component
  • New: Use built-in color transparency in color picker component
  • Tweak: Improve design of empty Container blocks
  • Tweak: Remove Container padding defaults
  • Tweak: Remove grid gap default
  • Tweak: Remove gradient defaults
  • Tweak: Remove grid item width defaults
  • Tweak: Make Button Container stack & fill options device-specific
  • Tweak: Stop auto-adding z-index to Container when using pseudo gradients
  • Tweak: Only output shorthand CSS values if all fields are set
  • Tweak: Add missing tablet “order” property from editor CSS
  • Tweak: Improve unique ID generation
  • Tweak: Remove GeneratePress full width option from Container block
  • Tweak: Replace advanced typography attribute with local storage
  • Tweak: Allow for empty Container padding values
  • Tweak: Check for FS_CHMOD_FILE constant in external css file
  • Tweak: Force inline CSS on single posts
  • Tweak: Remove “Select Grid” button from grid item Containers
  • Tweak: Allow for no value in grid item width field
  • Tweak: Allow zero values for minHeight on devices
  • Tweak: Add new block on Enter key in Headline block
  • Tweak: Remove relative protocol from Google Fonts requests
  • Fix: Responsive border-radius when using pseudo backgrounds
  • Fix: Buttons alignment in the editor
  • Fix: Container tag name accepting any value
  • Fix: Missing align wide/full options when using block themes


  • Fix: Error saving classic widgets in Customizer
  • Fix: Console error in widget editor due to core/edit-post
  • Tweak: Remove wp-editor dependency from widget editor


  • New: Integrate with the new widget block editor
  • Fix: Memory leak when reusable blocks try to render inside themselves
  • Tweak: Use new block_categories_all filter in WP 5.8


  • Fix: Constant re-rendering of SVG icons in code editor
  • Fix: Broken CSS when empty/non-published re-usable blocks are on the page
  • Tweak: Add missing text domains


  • New: Add generateblocks.editor.buttonDisableFormatting filter
  • Fix: Error when using em unit on a div headline
  • Fix: Icon button spacing in WP 5.7
  • Fix: Responsive block borders when no desktop border is set
  • Tweak: Prevent Global Styles (Pro) from regenerating unique ID
  • Tweak: Integrate Grid block with Global Styles (Pro)
  • Tweak: Always inline CSS on AMP pages to avoid needing to fetch
  • Tweak: Adjust editor grid class name to prevent Sass build error


  • Tweak: Apply generateblocks.editor.cssAttrs filter to backgrounds


  • New: Add generateblocks.editor.cssAttrs filter
  • New: Add generateblocks_headline_selector_tagname filter
  • New: Add generateblocks.editor.panelContents filter
  • New: Add Add generateblocks.frontend.containerTagName filter
  • New: Add generateblocks.editor.headlineDisableFormatting filter
  • New: Add generateblocks.editor.beforeHeadlineElement filter
  • New: Add generateblocks.editor.urlInputMoreOptions filter
  • New: Admin header
  • Fix: Fix gradient when no stop value is found
  • Fix: Translations in the editor
  • Fix: Force inner container z-index when pseudo in use
  • Fix: Headline text input when has icon but no text
  • Tweak: Merge bg image and gradient controls into one tab
  • Tweak: Prepare for Global Styles in Pro
  • Tweak: Remove duplicate .gb-container class from CSS
  • Tweak: Add script translations file for settings JS
  • Tweak: Hide color picker label element if no label
  • Tweak: Update domPurify
  • Tweak: Import WP packages instead of defining them
  • Tweak: Add border-radius to pseudo background image elements
  • Tweak: Change Element Tag label to Tag Name
  • Tweak: Add placeholder to Headline block
  • Tweak: Remove add grid item button from toolbar when selecting layout


  • Markup change: Remove headline-wrapper element from Headlines with icons
  • Markup change: Change button-text class to gb-button-text in Button block
  • Markup change: Only output inner gb-button-text span if using an icon
  • Markup change: Output Button block as span element if no URL exists
  • Markup change: Add gb-headline-text span if using an icon in Headline block
  • New: Shape dividers in the Container block
  • New: Make all blocks fully responsive when using editor responsive previews
  • New: Add option to apply gradient as a pseudo element
  • New: Add option to choose background image size
  • New: Add border radius options to Headline block
  • New: frontend.insideContainer filter in editor for Container block
  • New: frontend.beforeContainerClose filter in editor for Container block
  • New: generateblocks_after_container_open filter in frontend for Container block
  • New: generateblocks_inside_container filter in frontend for Container block
  • New: generateblocks_before_container_close filter in frontend for Container block
  • New: generateblocks_container_tagname filter in frontend for Container block
  • New: Add div as Headline block element choice
  • New: Add span as Headline block element choice
  • New: Add inner z-index option to Container
  • New: Aside option as Container tag name
  • New: generateblocks_dynamic_css_priority filter
  • New: Add support for desktop/tablet-only CSS
  • Fix: Stacked button alignment in the editor
  • Fix: Broken background image upload when using official AMP plugin
  • Fix: Button mobile border-radius
  • Fix: Check if grid data is an array before looping
  • Fix: Container tablet/mobile font size values
  • Fix: Button text not selectable in editor using Firefox
  • Tweak: Bump required WP version to 5.4
  • Tweak: Make Container block wrapper HTML dynamic
  • Tweak: Make Grid block wrapper HTML dynamic
  • Tweak: Make Button Container block wrapper HTML dynamic
  • Tweak: Move custom classes to core CSS classes field
  • Tweak: Move custom ID to core anchor field
  • Tweak: Remove deprecated isLarge prop in editor
  • Tweak: Better stacked button alignment on frontend
  • Tweak: Remove old browser prefixes
  • Tweak: Update DOMPurify
  • Tweak: Don’t strip protocol from dynamic stylesheet URI
  • Tweak: Move controls from our Advanced panel into core Advanced panel
  • Tweak: Move text alignment options in all blocks to the Block Toolbar
  • Tweak: Remove block margin in the editor
  • Tweak: Reverse grid gap when using RTL
  • Tweak: Add default inherit option to tablet/mobile Headline icon alignment
  • Tweak: Change frontend.insideContainer filter to frontend.afterContainerOpen
  • Tweak: Update color picker component UI
  • Tweak: Make icon sets filterable
  • Tweak: Move Container element tag option to Layout panel
  • Tweak: Move Container z-index options to Spacing panel
  • Tweak: Disable fixed background images on mobile
  • Tweak: Rebuild Headline Element toolbar component
  • Tweak: Add tag name to Headline CSS selector to improve CSS conflicts
  • Tweak: Changed order of generateblocks_block_css_data params
  • Tweak: Use device-specific media queries for remove vertical gap option
  • Tweak: Change generateblocks.editor.desktopCSS filter to generateblocks.editor.mainCSS
  • Tweak: Rebuild settings area using React
  • Tweak: Remove placeholder text from Headline block
  • Tweak: Move GenerateBlocks admin menu item to top level
  • Tweak: Regenerate static CSS files after plugin update
  • Tweak: Adjust unit picker default styling
  • Tweak: Rebuild background image upload UI


  • Fix: Set background image selector default if undefined
  • Fix: Set background image opacity default if undefined
  • Tweak: Remove parsed content caching


  • Fix: Undefined index notice when using background images


  • New: Persistent responsive controls across blocks
  • New: Filter all HTML attributes
  • New: Filter Container tagNames
  • New: Add containerAfterElementTag filter
  • New: Add option to apply background image as pseudo element
  • New: Add support for alignwide/alignfull in Container block
  • New: Display color palette by default in Color component
  • New: Add option to choose default view in Color component
  • New: Add aria-label option for Buttons into advanced panel
  • Tweak: Deprecate background image overlay option
  • Tweak: Move hexToRGBA to utils
  • Tweak: Fix repeated common CSS
  • Tweak: Re-design normal/hover state buttons
  • Tweak: Filter default background image size
  • Tweak: Cache parsed blocks on front-end
  • Tweak: Better display of admin notices in Dashboard
  • Tweak: Change Container Width label to Contained Width
  • Tweak: Add future framework for migrating/updating old options
  • Tweak: Don’t allow single button to be saved as reusable
  • Tweak: Don’t allow element tagName to be filtered
  • Tweak: Allow all standard richText formats in Headline block
  • Tweak: Better iconSize responsive placeholders
  • Tweak: Allow decimal values in gradient start/stop
  • Tweak: Move block name to the end of editor.desktopCSS filter args
  • Tweak: Add buttonColorsHover to editor.controls filter
  • Tweak: Change editor.insideContainerWrapper filter to frontend.insideContainer
  • Tweak: Pass attributes to frontend.insideContainer instead of props
  • Fix: gridId value in nested grids
  • Fix: Use inline-block for inline headlines with no icon
  • Fix: Missing text domains
  • Fix: Display Headline highlight option in Headline block only
  • Fix: Headline icon center alignment in IE
  • Fix: Headline highlight background color in IE
  • Fix: Mobile selector for width in min-height container
  • Fix: Add box-sizing to min-height container on tablet/mobile
  • Fix: Headline text alignment when using an icon
  • Fix: Allow 0 as iconSize value


  • Tweak: Minify/compress all dist files


  • Fix: Add wp_set_script_translations() to translate block editor
  • Tweak: Add spacing to update nag in Settings area


  • Initial release