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15 de Marzo de 2024
I looked at a few different plugins that will put graphs on my site, and this one is by far the most straightforward. It’s incredibly easy to type in data or upload data from a csv. As a bonus, the data table editor is pretty slick in itself, even aside from the graphing! Additionally, the plugin code is easy to read and well-commented. Great job documenting this, for those who might want to extend its behavior. Depending on your use case, one feature could be good or bad: the charts are generated in real time. A static image is generated only once, but if you are using the javascript chart library the data is pulled from the database every time the chart is requested (notwithstanding caching that your site might do). For me, this is a huge bonus, because with a simple hook, I can alter the chart data to include dynamic values on demand. Very cool!
2 de Octubre de 2023 1 respuesta
Great plugin. Clean and simple approach. Love the live preview. I hope that the author will find time to continue developing this on a regular basis, because it is too good to be buried. It would be nice to be able to set the chart height in proportional units and have at least some styling options. I know that theming is possible, but in some cases, the charts require individual styling. Font size, alignment, legend location, grid, etc. Also, support for special characters is needed, such as % for better data representation.
18 de Marzo de 2023 1 respuesta
This is the plugin I would want to build, but it’s already built better than I could imagine. One thing on my wish list would be supporting Gutenberg block. It can work similarly to Gravity Forms. Select a chart with a dropdown, then the chart will show in the editor. Thanks for all the developers who worked on this. Maybe one day I can be good enough to contribute.
16 de Noviembre de 2022
we had a custom problem with m-chart on our page and that was interfering with rendering of our charts and the dev helped us to resolve the issue in no time at all with provided custom code. Just incredible plugin and team. Great job!
19 de Julio de 2022
Easy to use, plenty of different graphs/charts to choose from. Lots of configuration options via code templates and filters. Many thanks to the developer for their hard work.
18 de Junio de 2022
If you need something easy to use to just get some data visualized on your site, use this plugin. There are no features locked behind subscriptions and it is as simple as copy-pasting your Excel data. The dev is incredibly helpful and when I encountered an issue it was resolved within an hour on a weekend.
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