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WordPress Posts Table Filterable – (TABLEON) – WordPress plugin for displaying and filter wordpress posts and their custom post types in table format. WP Tables makes focus for your customers on the things they want to get, nothing superfluous, just what the client wants, and full attention to what is offered!


This plugin is FREE, no limitations in features, but can be extended by free and premium extensions.

Demo site:

WP Posts Table Features:

✅ Columns constructor

✅ Options for: columns customizations, thumbnail size, columns width and many more (screens below)

✅ Neat shortcode [tableon] with heap of attributes for flexibility

✅ More than 10 predefined column fields is possible to display

✅ Possibility to create custom columns

✅ Skins for each table. On the same web page can be represented some posts tables with the different skins. Create your own skins by CSS.

✅ Powerful posts filter constructor

✅ Big variety of filter elements by: post_title, content, excerpt, category, tags, taxonomy, meta fields, etc…

✅ Filters can be represented as: dropdown, multi drop-down, range sliders, textinput, calendars

✅ Predefinition mechanism: show to your customers predefined and relevant set of posts as in the table, so in the popup.

✅ More than 10 ways of the posts sorting

✅ Shortcode [tableon_drop_down] allows to show the table below on the textinput when user searching the posts by its title. Place it on the shop header and let your customers find the posts they want to buy

✅ Power feature as remote tables which gives ability to spread your shop posts to any another sites even created on pure HTML without any CMS, what allows you get more sells and also realize your own referral program

✅ Column “Gallery” – smooth CSS gallery to showcase the best of your posts. Also a post gallery can be represented by shortcode tableon_gallery

✅ FREE ext. Shortcode [tableon_favourites] allows to show the table with selected posts by the current user

✅ Premium ext. Shortcode [tableon_attachments] allows to show the table with post attachment for the current post on its single page or any another one

✅ Premium ext. Shortcode [tableon_compare] allows to show the table with selected compared posts by the current user or predefined by shop admin

✅ Shortcode tableon_single allows to show the table with a post parameters for any one selected ones

✅ Ability to use Load More button instead of pagination

✅ Ability to show multi vendors their posts using attribute param author: [tableon author=23]

✅ Ability to create custom columns, for example such as Ask manager about the post using any contact form plugins

✅ Responsivity: all the posts tables have an option for compact view on mobile devices (option: “Compact view width”)!

✅ Big and flexible set of options for each post table, some of them: Show Sorting Dropdown, Sorting Dropdown Fields, Compact view width, Use load more button, Hide filter form, Show print button, Default order by, Per page drop-down position, Per page drop-down position, Per page values, Per page default

✅ Set of options for each post column, some basic: Width, Font size, Font family, Color, Background, Hide on small screen

✅ Ability to create custom columns specially for your business (by PHP code)

✅ Ability to add meta fields data in the table columns using in-built constructor

✅ Ability to show a post table in the popup on click. Show tables in popup in your shop text content with relevant predefined tables. Unlimited count of tables in popup per page can be created!

✅ Caching table of posts mechanism

✅ Print button

✅ Mobile compact view option

✅ CSS editor

✅ Pagination

✅ Compatible with WPCS

✅ Compatible with WPBE

✅ Compatible with MDTF (redirect mode)


✅ Custom Post Type UI

✅ Works in Elementor and Page builder page content

✅ Power and strong API

✅ no jQuery – 100% pure JavaScript

✅ ✔ Strong technical support which each day works with tones of code!

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On the screenshots below displayed also premium extensions functionality: Compare, Attachments


This plugin is copyright © 2012-2024 with GPLv2 by realmag777.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

Capturas de pantalla

  • Created tables
  • General settings
  • General settings and export/import buttons
  • Vocabulary – allows translate words to different languages (for example taxonomies names)
  • Columns of a table
  • Settings of a column
  • Add meta keys here
  • Filter constructor
  • Options of a filter element 1
  • Options of a filter element 2
  • Predefinition – predefine what posts (category,tags,ids) to show
  • Custom CSS code
  • Table options 1
  • Table options 2
  • Table on the front (skin-7 applied)
  • Table behaviour as drop-down
  • Attachments shortcode (premium extension, not free)
  • Calendar in the filter by dates
  • Load More button instead of pagination
  • Table in popup called by shortcode tableon_button
  • Table in simple HTML template
  • Table with music attachments
  • Compare shortcode (premium extension, not free)
  • Shortcode tableon_single print one post info (rows is optional in global settings)
  • Special shortcode to display any page by popup, page is in-built into iframe
  • Shortcode to display button, on click shows popup with a table where is information about a post


  • Download to your plugin directory or simply install via WordPress admin interface.
  • Activate.
  • Use.


Q: Where can I get Premium extensions for the plugin
R: PluginUs.Net

Q: How to create a custom taxomomy?
R: Use this plugin


Q: Documentation?

Q: I have an idea, can I discuss it with you?


11 de Febrero de 2023 1 respuesta
the demo seems to be down. gives me errors
10 de Diciembre de 2022 1 respuesta
Pretty handy plugin, a lot of settings, you can modify it to suit your tasks. I made a library of documents on the site with it. Thanks to the author.
9 de Noviembre de 2021 1 respuesta
I searched a lot for the functionality of a similar plugin I needed, but only here for free I got what I needed the developer quickly answers my questions
23 de Junio de 2021 1 respuesta
<=> 100 Billion Stars for this plugin and this free “TableOn – WordPress Posts Table Filterable ” with lifetime package for me only <=>
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