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Posts Viewed Recently


This plugin contains a responsive widget for showing posts or pages recently visited by a visitor. Posts Viewed Recently plugin is capable to show custom post types and you can also show this widget on your page/post using shortcode provided in widget options.

With this plugin you can choose post types to show, the number of posts to display, show or hide the featured image, dimensions of the featured image and alternate image URL if featured image is not available, and display post date or not.

For more detail, visit the plugin page at our official website. You are welcome to post issues, contribution and feature requests at GitHub repo.

To show this widget in any post/page, copy and paste the shortcode generated by the widget to that post or page.

This plugin uses cookie and if cookies are not accepted or any two single posts (of selected post types) haven’t been clicked yet, no output will be displayed.

Since Posts Viewed Recently plugin uses cookies so it is your responsibility to obtain user consent before using the plugin to comply with GDPR. Generally, your GDPR related WordPress plugin/implementation should be able to delete cookies upon rejection by the user. In such case, the plugin won’t output anything.

Capturas de pantalla

  • Widget options
  • Viewing the widget with thumbnail


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Install Posts Viewed Recently plugin either via the plugin directory or by uploading the posts_viewed_recently folder to /wp-content/plugins/ directory at your server
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Drag Posts Viewed Recently widget from list of your Available Widget to the sidebar where you want to place the widget
  4. Customize the setting as per your requirement and you’re ready


How to use it?

Enable the plugin and place the widget in the sidebar wherever you want

What if some of my posts/pages have no featured image attached?

You can specify an alternate image URL in the widget option. Image from that URL will be used if no featured image found

How can I show this widget into my post or page?

Use shortcode generated by the widget to display into your page/post

Is this responsive?

Yes, widget created by Posts Viewed Recently plugin is responsive

Does this plugin has its own CSS rule for link and text colours?

No, this plugin doesn’t have any CSS rule for link and text colours. It just inherits those from your theme’s styles


2 de Enero de 2020
It works well. Very limited in options, but it does recognized custom posts, so that is why it immediately gets 5 starts (plus it works as described).
23 de Agosto de 2019
This plugin is absolutely brilliant – and I’ve used it successfully to output “Recently Viewed Products” – on an eCommerce site. I have only encountered one potential issue (it could be a conflict with Storefront Theme, not sure..?) – and that is that when used as a Widget (as is the case here) the surrounded DIV tag doesn’t appear to close properly (???) – resulting in any widgets that FOLLOW this one being adversely affected (e.g. smaller text – following on from that set for the Recently Viewed widget). Unsure if a widespread issue but it has meant I’ve had to have it as the final widget, whereas ideally I wanted it up top! Aside from that minor issue this is a superb plugin and one that does exactly what it says it will.. with minimal setup needed! Thanks and kudos to the authors.
19 de Agosto de 2019
Great plugin, lightweight, works perfectly and it’s easy to apply some custom CSS to the output. Support from the developer is outstanding! Just make sure you don’t have a server-side caching system (like Varnish, for example), because it may interfere with the cookies that are needed in order to display the post list to each user individually based on their visits. Other than that, works perfectly. Thanks for making this great plugin!
3 de Septiembre de 2016
Thanks for sharing this awesome and helpful plugin. The shortcode option makes it very versatile. It is kept simple per design and does it’s trick as described in a perfect way. Please do not change anything. 🙂
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  • Bugfix: Missing closing tags when the number of posts viewed was more than the number of posts to show. Issue fixed


  • Direct file access blocked
  • Code optimization by avoiding arguments parsing till the cookie existence check


  • Security bug fixes and code enhancement


  • Plugin updated to show post date in the format as set in WordPress setting


  • Bugfix: The widget in the sidebar and the current post, both were displaying the same publish date. Issue fixed


  • Let you specify a title, post types to select, set number of posts, enable/disable featured image, its size and alternative image URL, display or not post date