ReWord WordPress plugin allows the users to suggest fixes for content mistakes on a wordpress site. It enhances users experience, and lets the readers take part in editing and proofreading content, while providing a reliable online content checking, using the power of the masses.

Intuitive frontend User Interface to report mistakes and send them to Administrator. Just mark mistake text, click on “R” icon, add your fix and send it.

The reports admin page displays all reported mistakes, and lets admin fix them, or ignore them. Admin can also set the number of alerts before showing a report, to ensure accurate reports and real issues detection in site content.


7 de Septiembre de 2023 1 respuesta
hey guys! first of all: thank you for this awesome plugin! 🙂 I’ve got a question: I’d like to use this plugin for peer reviews on the blog posts, and therefore it would be great if the plugin showed a user all the feedback he has got on HIS blog posts only (and not on all blog posts of the website). is it possible to achieve this functionality with some php code or would it be custom work? 🙂 thanks for helping! greetings
22 de Noviembre de 2022 2 respuestas
If I have a website, where are a lot of users posting content, and I need plugin that allows any other user to sent a report with mistake only to the author of the content, but not to the site owner.
31 de Enero de 2022
Excellent plugin. May I suggest using Input instead of Prompt for the user input? That way, the dialog remains even when the page’s other elements are still loading. Also, the plugin then can allow for custom text messages.
9 de Diciembre de 2019
I like that it’s simple and clean. Good job!
27 de Mayo de 2018 1 respuesta
Dodatak radi ono što treba da radi. Hvala. Jako je praktičan. Možete da zamolite prijatelje da pogledaju tekst onda kad njima odgovara, da pribeleže slovne greške isl. Vama ostaje da kasnije otvorite “izveštaj” na jednom ekranu. Na drugom otvorite text i onda uz pomoć “Ctrl-F” pronađete grešku i popravite je. — Kad bih znao rado bih se uključio na usavrštavanju dodatka u dva pravca. 1. Postoji mogućnost zloupotrebe, tj da nas neko zlonamerno zatrpava ispravkama koje nisu potrebne. Ako primetimo takvu “pomoć” trebalo bi da se takvi komentari eliminišu jednim klikom. 2. Spojiti dodatak sa Ctrl-F bez otvaranja drugog ekrana. 3. Molba nemojte da me shvatite pogrešno. Hvala još jednom na ovome što radi. Srećno 🙂
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  • Settings page redesign
  • Bug fix: Version update button on help page should not be visible to users without plugin update capability
  • Bug fix: iPhone Chrome and Safari browser applications selected mistakes not showing on popup
  • Bug fix: User mistakes are sent and displayed with starting and ending white spaces
  • Bug fix: Bottom bulk delete in reports table triggers two confirmations to user
  • Upgrade reports table to latest WordPress list table (and remove custom delete confirmation)
  • Sort reports table by notifications count
  • Format code


  • Feature request: Add Editor and Author roles to reports access level settings
  • Set reports access level default role to Administrator


  • Bug fix: Failure to delete ReWord plugin in PHP 8.2
  • Bug fix: Failure to report on URLs longer then 100 chars
  • Tested up to WordPress version 6.4


  • Set ReWord notice banner default to off
  • Update WordPress Version
  • Update PHP Version


  • Add ReWord help page with version update button, support forum link, contact info and donation link.
  • Improve settings change message


  • edit readme.txt


  • Add ReWord icon


  • remove nbproject from repository


  • readme.txt changes


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