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Receiving feedback is crucial as a content creator, but unfortunately, the pieces of content you can collect it on are limited by default. However, with the help of the WP ULike plugin, it is possible to cast voting to any type of content you may have on your website. With outstanding and eye-catching widgets, you can have Like and Dislike Button on all of your content would it be a post, comment, BuddyPress activity, bbPress topics, WooCommerce products, you name it. Now you can feel your users Love for each part of your work.

It’s time for WP ULike.

Surprises you won’t see anywhere else

With WP ULike’s unique features, the great transformation of your website will begin, and with high speed and precision, along with the features that are added day by day, you will have a comprehensive tool that meets all your marketing needs.

Start Configure your Voting System in a few Steps

We revamped our settings panel design and features to be more user-friendly and more straight forward approach. Easy settings, Happy customers. WP ULike plugin has clean coding, resource management and tones of features so you can customize every part of your buttons just by a few clicks.

Pre-Designed Templates

Choose from 20+ of our beautiful templates and customize them to make them your own.

Check Votings, Best Likers & Top contents

With WP ULike comprehensive Statistics tools, you can track what your users love and what annoys them in an instance. You can extract reports of likes and dislikes in Tables, Charts, Pie Charts or whichever you prefer with some easy steps, no confusing options and coding needed.

The Ultimate User Profile Builder [PRO]

Now that you have equipped your website using WP ULike plugin, you probably want people to stick around and use it right? Well, if you want to keep people on your website or just have a panel that displays user information as well, especially if it is a social platform, then you have got to allow them to easily create profiles.
The WP ULike profile builder is packed with tons of features and functionalities to boost your experience of profile management. Not only this but it also comes with functional hooks and easy development structure, and if you’re a developer, you can customize all the components to your liking.

Customize Every Part of Your YouLike Plugin [PRO]

Elementor is the #1 WordPress page builder. In the new version of the WP ULike PRO plugin, we fully support this page builder and have a variety of widgets & controllers that make life much easier for you.
Just drag your desired widget and drop it in your Elementor sections, customize as you go and enjoy your like and dislike buttons on your contents.

Boost Your SEO by Using Our Schema Markup Generator [PRO]

Schema markup is a form of data structure and helps Search Engine to have a better understanding of content. The Process for adding these schemas to your webpage is quite messy and confusing. Because of that, WP ULike Pro adds a Metabox to your posts so you can easily generate your custom rich snippets.

Try WP ULike Pro – The Best Marketing Tool For WordPress

So let’s talk PROfessional! WP ULike Pro has support DisLike button alongside Like button, both of them are completely customizable in our redesigned settings menu with tones of features and more beautiful and stylish templates. the PRO version of the plugin is now compatible with Elementor Page builder and you can easily choose from +7 widgets by simply drag and drop them to your content. as you build your page and content with Elementor, you can add and customize Like and Dislike button in every part such as Posts, Comments, activities, etc.

There are many other features to help you build better websites:

  • Like, Dislike and Subtotal Votings support
  • Supports Rest APIs with a Variety of Routes for Use in Apps
  • Advanced Settings Panel With Easy Backup and Flexible Customization Options
  • Professional Schema.org Generator + Start Ratings
  • Progressive Log Management Panel, with advanced search capabilities
  • Database optimization panel with various options
  • +20 Carefully Designed Premium Templates
  • Anonymize IP option for GDPR compliance
  • Flexible Metabox Options with More Customization Settings For Each Post
  • Full myCred (Points, Rewards, Gamification, Ranks, Badges & Loyalty Plugin) Support.
  • Professional Statistics Panel With Date Range & Status Controllers
  • Notifications System. (Custom toast messages after each activity)
  • Applied Shortcodes with Easy Shortcode Generator Button
  • Full Support for Elementor Page Builder With Functional Widgets
  • And much more.

Join the elite web professionals who enjoy WP ULike PRO.

Be a contributor

If you want to contribute, go to our WP ULike GitHub Repository and see where you can help.

You can also add a new language via translate.wordpress.org.

More Information

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  • Get Ratings From Every Section of Your Website
  • Check Votings, BestLikers & Top contents
  • Start to Configure your Voting Plugin in a few Steps
  • Boost Your SEO by Using Our Professional Schema Generator [PRO]
  • Customize Every Aspect of Your Like Buttons with Elementor Widgets [PRO]


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  • WP ULike - Most Advanced WordPress Marketing Toolkit


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Search for ‘WP ULike’
  3. Activate ‘WP ULike’ from your Plugins page. (You will be greeted with a Welcome page.)

From WordPress.org

  1. Download ‘WP ULike’.
  2. Upload the ‘WP ULike’ directory to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…)
  3. Activate ‘WP ULike’ from your Plugins page. (You will be greeted with a Welcome page.)

Once Activated

  1. Visit ‘WP ULike > Settings’ and take a moment to match ULike’s settings to your expectations. We pick the most common configuration by default, but every taste is different.
  2. Visit ‘WP ULike > Statistics’ and observe your likes stats with useful statistics tools such as “Line charts”, “Pie Chart”, “World Map” and “Summary Details”.
  3. If you have already installed myCRED plugin, Visit ‘myCRED > hooks’ and enable ‘wp ulike’ hook to award / deducts points from users who Like/Unlike any content of WordPress, bbPress, BuddyPress and etc.


How To Use this plugin?

Just install the plugin and activate “automatic display” in the plugin configuration panel. (WP ULike has four auto options for posts, comments, BuddyPress activities & bbPress Topics.)
Also you can use of the following function and shortcode for your posts:
* Function:
if(function_exists(‘wp_ulike’)) wp_ulike(‘get’);
* Shortcode:

How To Change The Counter Format?

Documentation : Github

How To Change Schema Type?

Documentation : Github

How To Add Extra Microdata?

Documentation : Github

How To Remove All Schema Data Except Of aggregateRating?

Documentation : Github

How To Remove “0” Count If There Are No Likes?

Documentation : Github

How To Change The Login Alert Template?

Documentation : Github

How To Get Post Likes Number?

Documentation : Github

How To Get Comment Likes Number?

Documentation : Github

How To Sort Most Liked Posts?

Documentation : Github

How Can I Create Custom Template In Users Liked Box?

  • We have provided some variables in setting panel. You can use them in textarea and then save the new options.
  • Attention: %START_WHILE% And %END_WHILE% variables are very important and you should use them out of the frequent string. (Such as <li></li> tags sample in default template)

Receive HTTP ERROR 500 on WP ULike > Statistics

  • Increasing Your WordPress Memory Limit in wp-config.php to fix this error. It is located in your WordPress site’s root folder, and you will need to use an FTP client or file manager in your web hosting control panel.
  • Next, you need to paste this code in wp-config.php file just before the line that says “That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging.”

    define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’ );


9 de Noviembre de 2020
I use WP Ulike Pro and it is incredible, it is easy to use and with many options, it also has extra functions to work with Elementor. Congratulations on the great work!
30 de Agosto de 2020
The free plugin fits my needs exactly. The templates, and available css options on the free version are great. Great work by Alimir. I would make a donation if I could (Since I do not need the full paid version)
9 de Agosto de 2020
This plugin is insanely awesome, it not only offers a great way to add ratings to posts, it also lets you show it in many different styles as well!
21 de Junio de 2020
I found this plugin to add some extra interaction to the Buddypress wall which doesn't come with like button and it's working out great, people are using it a lot. I am also using it on the site's BBpress forum. There are several ways to display the plugin which is nice, you can have a like or love button. Thanks!
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Historial de cambios


  • Updated: Options panel framework.
  • Fixed: Some major issues.


  • Added: Customizer panel with complete options for customizing templates and styles.
  • Added: Ultimate AJAX login, register and reset password forms. (+ Recaptcha V2/V3 support) [PRO]
  • Added: Custom Email templates for register & reset password request [PRO]
  • Added: Options to customize user profile columns & tabs. (Supports vertical and horizontal mode) [PRO]
  • Added: Options to limit admin dashboard access. [PRO]
  • Fixed: Some major issues.
  • Updated: Language files.


  • Added: New shortcode to display likers box. [wp_ulike_likers_box]
  • Added: Option to display counter value by the conditions.
  • Added: New method to display the list of likers with better performance.
  • Fixed: BuddyPress translate notification issue.
  • Fixed: Some major issues.
  • Updated: Language files.


  • Fixed: Some major issues.
  • Updated: Language files.


  • Added: Animated Fave Star Template. [PRO]
  • Added: Minimal Pin Button Template. [PRO]
  • Added: Ability to use Other plugins shortcodes in user profiles. (such as gamipress) [PRO]
  • Fixed: BuddyPress filter issue in activity stream.
  • Improved: Compatibility with WordPress 5.5 applied.
  • Updated: Options panel framework.


  • Added: New shortcode to display the counter value. [wp_ulike_counter]
  • Added: New option to enable counter value on admin post columns with sorting capability (Like/Dislike).
  • Added: FAQpage type for schema list [PRO]
  • Added: New meta-box option to delete singular data. [PRO]
  • Fixed: Some major issues.


  • Added: New option to hide likers box for anonymous users.
  • Fixed: Display thumbnail issue on Widget.
  • Fixed: Option translations issue.
  • Fixed: Some other small issues.


  • Fixed: Third-party plugin issues.


  • Added: ‌New PHP classification for front-end processes.
  • Added: Comment meta box options. [PRO]
  • Added: The “last X days” option for Elementor period limits. [PRO]
  • Added: New features to the Elementor “Top Posts” widget. [PRO]
  • Updated: Ultimate member functionalities.
  • Fixed: Some major issues.


  • Fixed: Some type issues.


  • Added: New file structure for includes path.
  • Added: An option to change likers list arrange.
  • Added: An option to force inline custom CSS.
  • Updated: Third-party plugins cache methods. (WP Rocket, Total Cache, etc.)
  • Fixed: An issue with comment auto display. (rest routes issue)
  • Fixed: Some major issues.


  • Added: Filesystem support for custom CSS option. (Inline CSS Alternative)
  • Updated: Object cache methods and troubleshooting Redis and Memcached issues.
  • Updated: Options panel framework.
  • Fixed: Some issues on the stats panel.


  • Added: Object cache method for user status functionality.
  • Updated: LiteSpeed purge cache method.
  • Fixed: Some issues in popular items functionality.
  • Fixed: Button hover style issue.


  • Added: Ultimate user-profiles builder. [pro]
  • Added: Easy shortcode generator for WordPress editor & Gutenberg. [PRO]
  • Added: Pagination option for all Elementor widgets. [PRO]
  • Added: Flexible shortcodes to get user profiles, user info & recent items. [PRO]
  • Updated: Fetch popular items functionality and algorithms.
  • Updated: Options panel framework.
  • Updated: Language files.
  • Fixed: An issue with top likers functionality performance.
  • Fixed: bbPress topic display issue.
  • Fixed: Some major issues.


  • Added: New algorithms to get user status with less query.
  • Added: New Optimization Panel for truncate tables & delete rows from database. [PRO]
  • Added: “WP Optimize” plugin cache support.
  • Fixed: Some issues in stats panel.
  • Modified: Twitter template structure & styles.
  • Updated: Options panel framework.


  • Fixed: An issue in database tables.
  • Fixed: An issue with user IP method.


  • Added: New algorithms to make essential queries more faster and flexible. (New Metadata Table)
  • Added: 2 new templates. (Arrow Votings, Minimal Votings) [PRO]
  • Added: New routes to Rest API to get top users list and single-user details for each table. [PRO]
  • Added: New options to the Elementor top posts widget. (Enable normal query, Status selector) [PRO]
  • Added: Improvements on database design.
  • Fixed: An issue in getting user IP functionality.
  • Fixed: Subtotal issues in JS functionality.
  • Fixed: Display like button issue on BuddyPress activity load more.
  • Fixed: Reported bugs.
  • Updated: Language files.


  • Added: Improvements on getting likers data from the database.
  • Added: Aria-label option for buttons to make more accessibility support.
  • Added: Database structure upgrade to fix IPv6 issues.
  • Fixed: Auto display issue in BuddyPress comments content.
  • Fixed: An issue with author points in myCred integration.
  • Fixed: PopHover display issues.
  • Fixed: An issue with CSS validation.
  • Fixed: Some small issues.


  • Added: New REST API Routes. [PRO]
  • Added: New option to customize user login template.
  • Fixed: Conflicts in setting panel framework.
  • Fixed: Some small issues.


  • Added: New caching methods to increase the performance of admin pages.
  • Fixed: Limitation issue in getting the popular item IDs.
  • Fixed: Restrict admin assets visible only to plugin and edit post pages.
  • Fixed: Likers box display issue with shortcode value.
  • Fixed: Some small issues.


  • Added: Professional logs controller page with various options. [PRO]
  • Added: All times preset in date range filter. [PRO]
  • Fixed: An issue with getting counter value in widgets.
  • Fixed: Nofollow issue with widget links.
  • Fixed: An issue with the comment logs template.
  • Fixed: Some small issues.


  • Added: New caching methods to increase the performance of some essential queries.
  • Fixed: An issue with cookie logging method.
  • Fixed: Some reported issues.


  • Added: Up/Down subtotal voting support. [PRO]
  • Added: 3 new templates. (Stackoverflow Votings, Badge Thumb, Star Thumb) [PRO]
  • Added: HTML support for button custom text option.
  • Added: Search field for the options panel.
  • Removed: Old microdata display on front-end posts.
  • Fixed: Anonymise IP issue.
  • Fixed: An issue with comments auto display hook.
  • Fixed: Some reported issues.


  • Fixed: Problems with restoring old settings.
  • Fixed: An issue in the bbPress option panel.
  • Fixed: A simple issue with custom icons display.
  • Fixed: Some default option values.
  • Fixed: Button display issue on the blog page.


  • Fixed: WPcolor js issue in the setting panel.


  • Fixed: A JavaScript issue in setting panel.
  • Fixed: Some small issues.


  • Added: New professional configuration panel.
  • Added: New controller to filter post types.
  • Added: New MetaBox panel with amazing controllers. [PRO]
  • Added: New MusicPlaylist type for the schema. [PRO]
  • Added: New “Backup” section in the settings panel. [PRO]
  • Added: New custom Reviews for all schema types. [PRO]
  • Added: New MusicPlaylist type for schema list. [PRO]
  • Added: More flexible button text/image option for each content type.
  • Added: Simple tool to convert old settings values to new settings values.
  • Updated: Language files.
  • Fixed: Some issues.


  • Added: Professional Schema.org generator for each post type with supporting Star ratings. [PRO]
  • Added: Display meta options at all post types for better customization. [PRO]
  • Added: Counter start quantity value for like/dislike. [PRO]
  • Added: improvements in auto display functionality.
  • Added: Some new hooks for better development purposes.
  • Fixed: Fix an issue with likers box wrapper generation.
  • Fixed: Some small issues.


  • Added: 3 new templates. (Rating Face, Rating Boy, Rating Girl) [PRO]
  • Tweak: Added date range filter for top likers widget. [PRO]
  • Tweak: Date range support in getting counter value function.
  • Tweak: Some improvements in button class names.
  • Tweak: Added some improvements statistics panel.
  • Fixed: Fix an issue with template callback.


  • Added: A new option for some users who have upgraded to version +4 and deleted their old logs which can add the number of old likes to the new figures.
  • Added: A new condition to hide “leave review” banner.
  • Removed: Pro banner display from the main dashboard.
  • Fixed: Some small issues.


  • Added: An option to remove plugin admin notices.
  • Added: Professional stats panel with date range + status selector options. [PRO]
  • Added: A new template called “Feedback”. [PRO]
  • Fixed: An important issue with only logged in option.
  • Fixed: Schema attributes escape issue.
  • Fixed: Some small issues.


  • Added: New myCred option for points to be awarded even when item authors Like/Unlike their item.
  • Fixed: Some important issues in the “myCred” functionality.
  • Fixed: An issue with getting counter value.
  • Fixed: Some styling issues.


  • Added: New structure which switches the number of likes from meta values to the number of database logs.
  • Added: Custom ID support to have multiple buttons on the same page.
  • Added: Dislike support. [PRO]
  • Added: Elementor support + 7 widgets [PRO]
  • Added: Complete list of cache plugins support.
  • Added: Some new hooks to make better control on like processes + PRO version support.
  • Added: Better admin notice system.
  • Added: Some improvements in statistics functionalities and data controllers.
  • Added: Better capability control for stats&logs admin menu pages. [PRO]
  • Added: BuddyPress & bbPress compatible with new improvements.
  • Added: New option to delete orphaned rows.
  • Fixed: An issue with chaching of nonce fields problem.
  • Fixed: An issue with display likers in JS functionality.
  • Fixed: Some styling issues.
  • Fixed: bbPress functionality conflict.
  • Fixed: Some reported bugs.


  • Added: New animated heart template.
  • Fixed: An issue with home page display.
  • Fixed: An issue with user avatar default size.
  • Fixed: Some issues with aggregaterating.


  • Added: Purge functionality for litespeed & w3 total cache.
  • Added: Better process for database table creation.
  • Added: Better menu labels.
  • Fixed: Some issues in likers box and some other functionalities.
  • Fixed: An issue with myCred points.
  • Fixed: Fix an issue in microdata structure.
  • Fixed: Some reported issues.


  • Added: Better BuddyPress notifications with some improvements on old functionalities.
  • Added: Simultaneously refresh for identical buttons.
  • Added: Mark notifications as read when a user visits our notifications.
  • Added: Better admin menu badge counter.
  • Fixed: The “Top Likers” widget issue.
  • Fixed: Fix IPv6 storage issue.
  • Fixed: Fix reverse graph X-axis


  • Fixed: An important issue with buddypress comments.
  • Added: Class name issue on likers box.
  • Upgraded: “WordPressUlike” js functionality.
  • Added: some improvements on general functions.


  • Fixed: The buddypress notifications issue.
  • Added: A new option to disable popover on likers box and make it inline display.
  • Added: Some changes to improve statistics page and make it more faster.
  • Added: some improvements on ajax process of logs page.
  • Replaced: The tag with for accessible with the keyboard.
  • Fixed: An issue with button display on buddypress comments.
  • Fixed: Some styling issues.


  • Added: New statistics system powered by vueJS.
  • Added: Ajax loading for likers box with better optimization.
  • Added: Huge optimization on admin core functionalities with reducing resource consumption.
  • Upgraded: The log pages templates.
  • Fixed: Some issues in button styles.
  • Fixed: Some issues in ulike js functionality.
  • Fixed: An issue with supporting ulike in ultimatememeber.
  • Fixed: Colorpicker issue in admin settings by replacing the wpColorPicker with spectrum plugin.


  • Added: A new style for likers box with pophover effect.
  • Added: New stylesheet for all buttons.
  • Added: a new option for custom button_type.
  • Fixed: All of the reported bugs.
  • Fixed: The issue of IP6 convertion.
  • Upgraded: The database structure.
  • Optimized: The stylesheet issues.
  • Optimized: Some issues with data process.


  • Fixed: An old issue with database structure.
  • Fixed: An important bug with logging methods.


  • Added: AJAX refresh for likers box.
  • Added: Anonymize IP option for GDPR compliance.
  • Updated: Core functionalities.
  • Updated: Settings panel.
  • Fixed: Some important bugs.


  • Added: A new lightweight notification system.
  • Added: A better AJAX response in front-end process
  • Fixed: Some important bugs.
  • Fixed: An issue with update_postmeta_cache.


  • Added: A huge optimization in all of the core functionalities.
  • Added: A new file structure in plugins assets.
  • Added: wrapper_class attribute in template functions.
  • Fixed: All reported bugs.
  • Fixed: Custom style issues.


  • Added: New option to remove the plugin’s css and js file on certain pages.
  • Added: New attributes support in wp ulike shortcode for all types.
  • Added: Many optimization & improvements in wp ulike core.
  • Added: New triggers on ulike process.
  • Added: Some new hooks in voting templates.
  • Updated: Statistics scripts to the latest versions.
  • Modified: The statistics functionality with better optimizations.
  • Modified: ULike Widget functionality and make it more flexible and optimized.
  • Modified: Some old documents.
  • Fixed: Some issues in options default values.
  • Fixed: An issue with enqueue_script in logs page.


  • Fixed: SVN issue with new admin assets


  • Added: New visual options in admin area.
  • Added: New constants for better optimization and more flexibility.
  • Added: New front-end SASS modules.
  • Added: New back-end SASS modules.
  • Fixed: Some issues with myCred points.
  • Fixed: Some issues on admin.php.
  • Fixed: eregi bug in pagination class.
  • Modified: The wp-ulike’s core functionality.
  • Modified: The get_liked_users (The Likers Box) functionality with better query selection.
  • Replaced: The log page’s images with new icons.


  • Added: Parse args functionality on wp ulike inputs.
  • Added: New filters (wp_ulike_respond_for_) on the json respond.
  • Fixed: Upgrading ‘WordPressUlike’ datasheets when new DOM has been inserted. (It was a bug on buddypress)
  • Fixed: Fix some JS syntax errors.
  • Fixed: Infinite loading problem in buddypress comments.


  • Added: Robeen (Animated Heart) template. (New Theme)
  • Added: New hooks for better front-end/back-end development.
  • Added: New library for AJAX functionalities.
  • Added: New hooks support for default settings.
  • Added: New response functionality with JSON.
  • Updated: ‘wp_ulike’ core class functionality.
  • Updated: FAQ documentation.
  • Removed: Old script files and enqueue new wp-ulike script.
  • Removed: Old version of ‘mysql2date’ function.


  • Added: Flexible google rich snippets for posts. (Add rich snippet for likes in form of schema.org)
  • Added: ‘wp_ulike_count_box_template’ filter to customize count box template.
  • Added: ‘wp_ulike_login_alert_template’ filter to customize login alert message.
  • Added: ‘wp_ulike_bp_notifications_template’ filter to customize buddypress notification message.
  • Added: New admin font icons for dashboard area.
  • Removed: svg-source.php file.
  • Updated: WP ULike URI.
  • Updated: Some elements of “About WP ULike” area.
  • Updated: Persian language file.


  • Added: Most liked (posts,comments,activities,topics) widgets on statistics panel.
  • Fixed: Several bugs in GeoIP Location system.
  • Updated: jQVMap library.
  • Updated: Back-end sources.
  • Updated: composer.json file.


  • Added: “Likes” option in BuddyPress activity filter.
  • Added: Support of %COMMENT_PERMALINK% variable in buddypress comment activity option.
  • Fixed: bbPress bug with buddypress notifications. (Blank notification problem)
  • Fixed: Some other small bugs.


  • Added: Buddypress custom notifications. (Sends out notifications when you get a like from someone)
  • Added: A new function to get the number of likes on a single comment (wp_ulike_get_comment_likes)
  • Added: composer.json file.
  • Fixed: a small bug of “bp_get_auhtor_id” function in “wp_ulike_myCRED” class.
  • Updated: FAQ documents.
  • Updated: Language Files.


  • Added: Dashborad Bubble Notifications. (Last Likes Counter)
  • Updated: wp-ulike-scripts.js method.
  • Removed: Cookie structure on “logged by user” method for some tests.
  • Fixed: Pagination class name problem.


  • Added: Notifications System. (Custom toast messages after each activity)
  • Fixed: bbPress replys bug.
  • Fixed: Settings UI tabs crash.
  • Updated: Portuguese Language File.
  • Updated: Dutch Language File.
  • Updated: Chinese Language File.
  • Updated: Russian Language File.
  • Updated: Greek Language File.
  • Updated: Persian Language File.


  • Added: Buddypress comments support in activity stream.
  • Added: Widget period option. (All, Year, Month, Week, Yesterday, Today).
  • Fixed: Small bug with bbPress replys.
  • Fixed: bbPress ulike widget bug with reply title.
  • Fixed: Activities widget problem in multisite mode.
  • Fixed: Custom style settings for RTL mode.
  • Fixed: Buddypress widget options. (such as title trim and content permalink)
  • Changed: Languages text domain from ‘alimir’ to ‘wp-ulike’. (Important for translators)
  • Changed: Widget functions input to array.
  • Removed: ‘wp_ulike_get_version’ function and replced it with WP_ULIKE_VERSION constant.
  • Removed: wp-ulike-rtl.css file and mixed it with wp-ulike.css
  • Updated: French Language File.
  • Updated: Portuguese Language File.
  • Updated: About Page Information.


  • Added: Full myCRED Support. (Special Thanks to the Gabriel Lemarie)
  • Added: “Recent Posts/Comments Liked” tab in the UltimateMember profile menu.
  • Added: Supporting User Profile URL. (for: BuddyPress & UltimateMember)
  • Added: Likers World Map.
  • Added: Theme Select option for the like button. (With the new “heart” style)
  • Added: Top Likers Summary in the statistics page.
  • Added: New CSS styles. (Don’t forget to clear your browser cache)
  • Added: New Widget Options. (Style, Title Trim, Show Thumbnail/Avatar, Profile URL, …)
  • Added: Unlike icon/text option.
  • Added: Custom CSS option.
  • Added: Most Liked Topics Widget.
  • Fixes: HTML code support in the settings pages. (Such as using font-awesome in the like button)
  • Fixes: Removing the user avatar in the likers box. (after the unlike)
  • Fixes: Small Bugs.
  • Removed: Text After Like/Unlike Option. (+ Return to the initial)
  • Updated: Persian language file. (Thanks Me :))


  • Added: bbPress Likes Support + All Options & Statistics Tools.
  • Added: New JQuery process with optimized methods. (wp-ulike-scripts.js)
  • Added: Minified Script/CSS files.
  • Added: Delete ULike Logs/Data Buttons In The Settings Page.
  • Added: Portuguese (Brazil) Language File.
  • Added: Turkish (Turkey) Language File.
  • Added: Greek Language File.
  • Added: Russian (Russia) Language File.
  • Added: Spanish (Spain) Language File.
  • Added: German (Germany) Language File.
  • Added: Japanese Language File.
  • Added: Romanian (Romania) Language File.
  • Added: Slovak (Slovakia) Language File.
  • Added: Czech (Czech Republic) Language File.
  • Added: Hebrew (Israel) Language File.
  • Added: Italian (Italy) Language File.
  • Added: Polish (Poland) Language File.
  • Added: Finnish Language File.
  • Added: Hungarian (Hungary) Language File.
  • Added: Lithuanian (Lithuania) Language File.
  • Added: Indonesian (Indonesia) Language File.
  • Added: Khmer Language File. Language File.
  • Added: Norwegian Bokmal (Norway) Language File.
  • Added: Portuguese (Portugal) Language File.
  • Added: Swedish (Sweden) Language File.
  • Added: Danish (Denmark) Language File.
  • Added: Estonian Language File.
  • Added: Korean (Korea) Language File.
  • Added: Vietnamese Language File.
  • Added: Basque Language File.
  • Added: Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Language File.
  • Fixes: Small Bugs.
  • Updated: French Language File. (Thanks WP-Translations)
  • Updated: Persian language file. (Thanks Me :))


  • Added: New statistics design with screen options.
  • Added: New “Auto Display Position” setting in the budypress activities.
  • Added: Days pick option in the statistics page.
  • Added: “Screen Options” in the logs page.
  • Added: Help screen tabs in the settings page.
  • Added: Ajax button to remove the items from log pages.
  • Added: supporting the date (date_i18n) in localized format. (Statistics Pages)
  • Added: Arabic Language File. (Thanks to Ahmad Ahwazi)
  • Fixes: Button visibility problem in the BuddyPress ajax loading.
  • Fixes: Toggle switch problem in admin area.
  • Fixes: Second parameter warning in json_encode()
  • Fixes: Small Bugs
  • Updated: Persian language file. (Thanks Me :))


  • Added: New Statistics Page with many useful tools (“Line Charts”, “Pie Chart”, “Summary Stats” ) 🙂
  • Added: New Class-based programming 🙂
  • Added: Custom text option for BP Add Activity (Posts/Comments).
  • Added: Custom template setting for the “Users Like Box”.
  • Added: New option to setting the “Number Of Users” in liked box.
  • Added: “Last Posts Liked By Current User” widget.
  • Added: “Most liked activities” widget.
  • Added: Logs menu links in the statistics page.
  • Added: New option for the “only registered users” with selecting login type.
  • Modified: Widgets in one packet.
  • Modified: “Most Liked Users” widget to get data from all the tables (posts/comments/activities).
  • Removed: Some old functions (Such as wp_ulike_reutrn_userID, get_status functions, get_user_data functions, …)
  • Updated: Plugin FAQ page.
  • Updated: Persian language file. (Thanks Me :))


  • Added: New logging method options.
  • Added: Option for auto display position.
  • Added: Most liked comments widget.
  • Added: Option to return initial like button after unlike.
  • Added: unlike ability for the guest users.
  • Added: Comment text column to the comments logs page.
  • Added: supporting the date (date_i18n) in localized format. (Logs Pages)
  • Added: New changes in to the logs pages.
  • Fixed: ToolTip problem with BuddyPress activities in the chrome browser.
  • Updated: Plugin FAQ page.
  • Updated: Persian language file. (Thanks Me :))
  • Updated: Chinese language file. (Thanks cmhello)
  • Updated: Dutch language file. (Thanks Joey)


  • Added: New setting system with separate tabs.
  • Added: Option to upload button icon.
  • Added: Option to upload loading animation.
  • Added: Dutch (nl_NL) language. (Thanks Joey)
  • Added: Avatar size option for the users liked box.
  • Modified: New names for some functions.
  • Modified: plugin dislike setting to unlike.
  • Updated: Persian language file.
  • Updated: Chinese language file.


  • Added: Buddypress likes support.
  • Added: Post likes logs.
  • Added: Comment likes logs.
  • Added: Buddypress likes logs.
  • Added: pagination for the logs pages.
  • Added: FAQ document on wordpress.org
  • Added: get post likes function.
  • Modified: New setting menu.
  • Updated: language files.


  • Added: Comment likes support.
  • Added: BuddyPress activity support.
  • Updated: language files.


  • Added: Number format option to convert numbers of Likes with string (kilobyte) format.
  • Updated: Persian language.


  • Added: Shortcode support.


  • Added: Custom style with color picker setting. (for button and counter box)
  • Added: Chinese Tradition (zh_TW) language. (Thanks to Arefly)
  • Updated: Persian language.


  • Added: most liked users widget.
  • Added: Chinese (ZH_CN) language. (Thanks to Changmeng Hu)


  • Added: loading spinner.
  • Added: new database table.
  • Added: user dislike support.
  • Added: Simple “user avatar box” at the bottom of every post.
  • Fixes: plugin security and authentication.
  • Updated: language files.


  • The initial version